The Best Song Lyrics For Your Next Tattoo Will Have You Dancing

We all get that feeling when our favorite song comes on the radio that gives us the complete need to sing along. Maybe we even add some moves and dance like no one is watching. It's not just the music that gets you— the lyrics actually speak to you as well. Many times, it's the words you relate to that can make you fall even more in love with your favorite song. When verses really speak to you, they usually have a very special meaning. Words to the songs we love say what you may be feeling in a perfect way. So, the first time or next time you decide to get inked, you might want to consider some of the best song lyrics for tattoos.

Whether it's your first tat or you're covered from head to toe, the design decision process is never easy. You may have a vague idea of what you want and where to get it, but a tattoo is permanent, so you must be pretty confident about what you want before you go. For anyone who's still deciding, a song lyric tattoo is an easy choice. If you're a hopeless romantic, love song lyrics will show off your heart. For those who love to travel, a song of wanderlust would be a great choice.

I've listed six song lyrics to inspire you. Choose any of these, or go with one of your favorites. Either way, we're hearing the music and ready to get inked.

For When You've Found The One
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Many fans can relate to the song "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, because our home isn't always a place, but the people we surround ourselves with. If you and bae are thinking of getting matching song lyrics tattoos, this is a great choice for you. Whenever you look down, you'll be reminded that "home is wherever" your loved one is with you.

For Someone With Wanderlust
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You can't go wrong choosing a classic Beatles song for your tat. From "she's got a ticket to ride" to "the long and winding road" and "across the universe," they have so many lyrics that would be great to ink on. These specific words from "Blackbird" are perfect for someone with wanderlust. You might even get your lyrics surrounded by a few black silhouette tats of birds in flight to show your need to be free.

For Someone Who Wants To "Lose Yourself In The Music"
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Let's be real — many of us love Eminem's "Lose Yourself." It's an Academy Award-winning song for a very good reason. Though "mom's spaghetti" would make a fun tattoo, these lyrics from the song show a deeper meaning of getting lost in the music you love.

For The Hopeless Romantic
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An Ed Sheeran song lyric is an ideal choice if you're truly lost in love. From "Perfect" to "Shape Of You," Sheeran really is the go-to guy for the modern day love song. These words from "Kiss Me" will truly make your heart melt.

For Anyone With Their Eyes On The Stars
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Celestial objects like stars, the sun, and the moon are pretty popular tattoos to get. Some of us just can't help it, we're obsessed with what's above and are constantly stargazing. For anyone with their head in the clouds, these Coldplay lyrics from "Yellow" will coordinate perfectly next to the star tattoos you already have.

For A Constant Reminder Of Some Self Love
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Sometimes, we get tattoos to show off who we are to other people, and other times, we just get tattoos for ourselves. These simple words from "Sorry" by Halsey are perfect lyrics to get tattooed on just for you. Every time you look down, you'll be reminded that no matter what is going on with your relationship status, "someone will love you" because you are lovable.