6 Best Places To Go In A New City Alone When You Want To Meet New People

by Ciara Johnson

Whether you're traveling alone or living in a new city alone, meeting new people can be a challenge. It can be intimidating to show up to places or events by yourself, but it's definitely worth the try. You never know if you'll run into your next significant other or meet your new bestie. With a ton of social media apps, it can seem difficult to actually meet someone new, and hit it off, in real life. However, there are so many places you can seek out for new faces. Here are the best places to go in a new city alone when you want to meet new people.

I strongly believe that strangers are just friends we haven't met yet. We bypass so many new people every day who could be our next friend and it's just a matter of starting the right conversation. If you need some girl time in your life, or simply want to meet someone with similar interests, then you've gotta get strategic. Certain settings make it easier to strike up conversations and meet likeminded people. You might have to step outside of your comfort zone a bit, but you'll be so glad you did. Head to any of these six places if you're searching for your a new partner in crime.

A Local Coffee Shop

Coffee shops might be the ideal setting for working remotely and cozying up with a new book, but they're also perfect for meeting new people. You might feel way less intimidated in a quiet, intimate space. Coffee shops were made for striking up conversations with the person sitting at the table next to you, and the friendly barista, so don't be shy!

A Restaurant Bar
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Instead of eating at a table by yourself, you can ask to be seated at the bar. You'll be surrounded by other customers who are likely eager to chat.

A Local Brewery
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If you aren't ready to go to a bar by yourself, then consider hitting up a local brewery. Most breweries offer group tours you can join. You'll get a chance to taste some incredible craft beers while meeting others who enjoy sipping a new brew just as much as you do. Cheers to new friends!

A Hostel In A Popular Location
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Hostels are great for travelers and locals alike. If you're traveling by yourself, this is by far the best way to meet other travelers. If you're a local, then this is clever way to meet people from around the world. Many hostels have communal spaces you can visit, so you don't actually have to stay there to join in on the cool events and activities.

Event Nights At The Museum
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Museums are great spots for art lovers to meet likeminded creatives. You already know that everyone there shares a mutual interest in art, so it shouldn't be difficult to start a genuine conversation. Many museums, like the McNay Art Museum, host events where you can mingle with other visitors, taste bites, and hear live music.

On A Hike With Your Pup
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Go hiking on local trails to meet others who enjoy the great outdoors. Bring your pooch if you want to. (Because they're so darn cute and eager to make new friends, too!) This is a great way to find new workout partners or adventure buddies. Who knows? You and your pup might just walk away with a new set of friends.