Princess Jasmine is one of six 'Aladdin' 2019 Halloween costumes for adults in the list
6 'Aladdin' Halloween Costumes That Would Impress Anyone, Even Jafar

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Disney DVDs were my first love. Beautiful in their colorful packaging, they were displayed on a special shelf my dad installed so I could keep them all together. And while I wish I could say I loved them all equally, Aladdin was without a doubt one of my favorites. So, imagine my excitement when Disney announced a live-action remake would be happening. I couldn't wait to buy tickets on opening weekend, and I seriously got super close to dressing up for the occasion. In that spirit, consider these six Aladdin 2019 Halloween costumes for adults that are guaranteed to fill your inner child with immense joy this Halloween.

Just like Kim Kardashian, who rocked a cartoon Jasmine costume a few Halloweens ago, you're never too old to dress up as a Disney movie character. And luckily, the company's ever-expanding list of successful live-action remakes provides more costume inspo than ever before. With lifelike CGI and an impressive cast, the new Aladdin wowed the younger generation, and also reminded those like myself who grew up watching the original cartoon why they loved this story so much in their childhood. It has everything: romance, friendship, humor, adventure, cute animals, the magic carpet, beautiful songs, and a happily ever after. Who would ever not be in the mood for that kind of movie night — or that kind of Halloween costume?

Princess Jasmine

She is smart, kind, has an enchanting voice, and sports outfits of everyone's dreams. She has a tiger for a pet, she got to ride the magic carpet, and she refused to marry someone she did not love. She may have still only been a princess in the movie, but Jasmine is a total queen by my definition. You can't go wrong channeling her this Halloween.


The way Aladdin described Jasmine when he first met Genie would make any viewer swoon. Sure, he went on to make himself into someone he's not just to win her heart, which is never the right thing to do. And maybe he lied to her about himself. And made a living by stealing from independent city vendors. But his dedication, thoughtfulness, courage, and personality glow-up made up for his misdeeds and made him worthy of a shout-out this Halloween.


Jafar is an interesting Halloween costume choice to make. The guy gave me creeps as a kid, gliding around in his dark red and black outfit with shoulder details from hell, his tattle-tale parrot sidekick, and the cobra-shaped hypnotizing gold stick he never separated from. He literally chained Jasmine to a wall but somehow believed she still wanted to kiss him despite that. But if you insist on going as Jafar this Halloween, you do you. It's only make-believe, after all.


Oh how I loved Genie when I was growing up. Loyal, witty, kind — he is the best friend and cheerleader everyone wants to find for themselves one day. The latest incarnation of Genie, played by Will Smith, makes the beloved character even more likable. Genie can do no wrong, so please dress up as this goofball on Halloween.


The loyalest of friends. The true scene-stealers. No one should forget about the movie's furry side-kicks this Halloween. Since you can't exactly dress up as a super realistic CGI animal, you'll just have to improvise. For Abu, consider pairing an all-brown outfit with a red vest and felt hat.


Protective, loyal, strong, and cuddly, Rajah was there for Jasmine when she needed a friend. Again, since you can't really turn yourself into a real-life tiger, you'll have to settle for a soft onesie.

Now that you have plenty of options to choose from, all you have to do is decide which one of these characters you want to dress up as this Halloween. In addition to good individual choices, these outfits make for a pretty great group costume, too. Whichever way you go, you'll stand out at any party.

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