57 Odd But Brilliant Products On Amazon Under $10


There's nothing wrong with getting your hands on a fabulous find as you browse around any store — but what about the weird products? You know the ones: the truly odd products that really get the conversation flowing when you've got guests over. I'm talking about the Japanese exfoliating washcloths, or even the toothpastes that are made with clay and dirt — basically, the stuff you won't find as easily in stores. Luckily, these brilliant inventions on Amazon can easily be snagged online.

Not only is there a single-serve coffee brewer that fits over the mouth of your mug, but who can resist a leather passport case that can also hold your credit cards and boarding passes — for only $10? Sure buying your regular haul of products is moderately fulfilling, but where's the thrill in that? Eventually you're going to grow bored of having the same shopping basket every check-out, and when that happens there's no need to worry — there are hundreds of brilliant and shockingly affordable products available on Amazon, you just need to know where to look.

In fact, I take that back -- you really don't need to know where to look, because we've grabbed the best ones for you to browse through. So what are you waiting for? I can hear the collagen eye mask, and it's practically screaming your name!

The Handy Gadget That Keeps Your Chips Fresher For Longer

They don't have to be used on bags of chips — the Kitchen Gadgets sealer sticks will work on all types of plastic bags, allowing you to seal them shut and keep the contents fresher for longer. These sealer sticks create an airtight seal that prevents any accidental spills, and each order comes with eight sticks in four varying widths.

A Towel That Can Be Used As A Trivet And Cooking Gloves

Whereas traditional towels aren't dense enough to be used effectively as cooking mitts, the Fennoma smart towel is not only thick, but it also has two hand pockets that make it easy to handle hot pots and pans. The 100 percent pure cotton fabric is ultra-absorbent as well as quick-drying, and you can even use it as a serving trivet to keep your countertops free from any heat damage.

The Fun Device That Extracts Your Egg Yolks From The Whites

Just place the Quirky yolk extractor over the yolk of any egg — and with a quick squeeze, the durable silicone chamber will suck up the yolk, leaving you solely with the whites. To get rid of the yolk, simply squeeze it one more time to push it out, and because the entire tool only has two pieces (the flexible squeeze chamber and clear yolk chamber) clean-up is always a breeze.

A Compact Wireless Speaker That's Super-Portable

Not only does the small size make it extremely portable, but the Funky Rico mini mushroom speaker is also completely wireless (aside from when it's being charged), because it connects to any smartphone via Bluetooth. The bottom of this speaker also has a suction cup so that you can keep it secure to almost any flat or smooth surface, and it can even play for up to six hours off of one full charge.

The Massage Roller That's Versatile Enough To Be Used All Over

Whereas larger massage rollers can be too bulky to use on the smaller parts of your body, the Gaiam mini massage roller is compact enough that you can use it on your feet, torso, arms, and more. The hard inner core ensures that this roller maintains its shape even after vigorous use, and the wavy texture helps stimulate your muscles while providing relief to any soreness located deep inside your tissues.

A Universal Lid That Turns Any Glass Into A Sippy Cup

The Silikids silicone straw lids turn any uncovered glass into a modified sippy cup (which is not just for kids, because anybody can take their drink on-the-go without spilling it). These lids are made from durable silicone that stretches over the mouths of cups to create a leak-proof seal, and you can even put them in the microwave without having to worry about the material melting. One Amazon reviewer even raved that "they fit on pretty much every cup we've tried to put them on."

The Face Mask That Uses Kaolin Clay To Remove Impurities

Safe for use on all types of skin (including sensitive), the AcneFree clay detox mask uses real kaolin clay to help minimize the appearance of pores while removing any impurities, and you're left with a clear, soft complexion. Vitamin E and zinc absorb any excess oils — and exfoliates away dead skin — and you only have to use it twice a week to experience the full skin-clarifying benefits.

A Pair Of Compact Scissors Made For Your Purse

This Muji scissors stick comes in major handy: who hasn't found themselves with a hangnail or a loose thread with nothing to fix it? Best of all, these small, portable scissors come with a carrying case that keeps them safely locked, so that there's no chance you'll accidentally cut yourself while digging around in your bag for them.

A Fun Device That Lets You Cook Fresh Potato Chips In The Microwave

It only takes about 10 minutes for the Home-X microwave potato chip maker to turn your raw potatoes into deliciously crispy chips, and you're not limited to potatoes — you can use it to make apple, pumpkin, carrot, and sweet potato chips as well. This chip maker has enough slots to make up to 36 chips at one time, and the entire unit is completely BPA-free.

The Face Wash That Uses Coconut Milk Cream To Gently Cleanse Your Skin

No matter how oily, dry, or sensitive your skin is, the Pacifica foam face wash is gentle enough that it can still cleanse away makeup and other impurities without irritating your complexion. The coconut milk cream gives this face wash a creamy texture when you initially apply it to your skin, but as you begin to rub it in foamy bubbles begin forming to remove dirt from your pores.

A Shoe Organizer That Save You Precious Closet Space

Why clog up your precious closet space with shoes when you can hang them over the back of the door using the Simple Houseware hanging shoe organizer instead? This organizer has 24 clear pockets that let you see what's inside them without having to peek inside (which also makes it great for storing pantry items or kid's art supplies), and because it hangs on a standard door or closet rod there is zero hardware required for installation.

A Cleanser That Reaches Deep Into Your Pores To Remove Impurities

Not only is great for getting rid of unwanted blemishes, but the Etude House wonder pore cleanser is also great for reaching deep into clogged pores and removing any impurities or toxins. The fresh minty scent is light enough that it's not too pervasive, and reviewers say it clears up acne better than most cleansers.

The Durable Pen Light That's Water-Resistant

Able to illuminate up to 65 feet, the Coast LED pen light can continuously run for up to 2.5 hours using just three AAA batteries (which are also included). Unlike other compact flashlights, this one is both water-resistant and built with a durable aluminum body that won't break when you drop it, and the versatile clip makes it easy to store it in your pocket or tool kit.

A Spoon That Makes It Easy To Grip And Remove Tea Bags

Tea bags, sugar cubes, ice cubes — you name an object you need during tea service and the AIEVE tea bag spoon can probably pick it up. These tea bag spoons are made from durable medical-grade stainless steel that's resistant to rust, and since one end of the spoon has the word tea punched out it can also work as a strainer!

The Magic Erasers That Clean Any Surface, Including Walls

Whereas competing magic erasers quickly wear thin after just a few scrubs, the Oh My Clean magic eraser sponges are larger in size and extra-thick, allowing them to last longer than the competition. There are no potentially harmful chemicals in these — to make them work, just add water, and you can even use it on the scuff marks on your walls because they won't remove paint.

A Moisturizing Shave Oil Made With 100 Percent Natural Shea Butter

Made with 100 percent natural shea butter that helps soften and smooth dry, cracked skin, the Tree Hut shave oil is a great way to keep your legs, arms, and even face moisturized before and after a shave. This oil is made without any parabens, and since it's rich in vitamins A, E, and F, it also helps boost collagen production while boosting the elasticity in your skin.

The Carabiner Clip That Doubles As A Bottle Opener

Not only is it great for attaching keys, bottles, and camping gear to your bags, but the Nite Ize carabiner clip sets itself apart from the competition because it can also be used as a bottle opener. The stainless steel construction is both durable and rust-resistant, and one Amazon reviewer even raved that "I have never had a better and more versatile pocket bottle opener."

A Wash Cloth That Helps Exfoliate As You Dry

Made from sturdy nylon that won't rip even under immense pressure, the SALUX Japanese wash cloth helps exfoliate away dry, dead skin as you rub yourself down after a shower. The fabric dries quickly, so there's less chance of mold or mildew growing (which makes it exceptionally hygienic), and since it's extra-long, it's also incredibly easy to reach those awkward spots on your back.

The Lipstick Organizer That Can Hold Up To 40 Shades

Made from durable acrylic that's both weather-resistant and stronger than glass (yet just as fashionable), the Hblife lipstick holder can hold up to 40 lipsticks, lip moisturizers, mascaras, brushes, or any other makeup accessory that'll fit. The transparent design makes it easy to organize your clutter on your desktop or vanity.

The Lip Tint That Uses Pomegranate Extract To Moisturize

If you're looking for a quick wash of color on your lips, try the Etude House water tint. This lip tint uses pomegranate and grapefruit extract that are rich in vitamins to help moisturize dry, chapped lips — and it absorbs quickly into your lips without leaving any unwanted stickiness or greasy residues. And unlike lipsticks, you can also apply a little of this tint to the center of your lips, then feather it out in order to create a unique gradient effect.

A Spiralizer That Lets You Eat Pasta Without The Carbs

I love pasta, but sometimes, I need some vegetables to get me through the day — and Maestoware spiral slicer makes zucchini (or other vegetables like carrots or yams) look and feel like real pasta noodles. This slicer has three cutting blades that can create spaghetti, fettuccine, or julienne ribbons, and the ergonomic design makes it easy to grip it in your hands as you work. You don't have to switch the blades either — just move the dial to the one you want.

The Facial Toner That Helps Reduce The Size Of Your Pores

Formulated with orange peel, cranberry, lemon, and tea tree extract, the ArtNaturals facial toner gives your complexion a refreshing burst of natural antioxidants and vitamin C — and your skin is left feeling silky and hydrated. You can also use this toner to help shrink the appearance of any enlarged pores you may have, and it's even great to use as an exfoliator to get rid of any dry, flaky sin.

A Makeup Brush Organizer That Helps Preserve Their Shape

Unlike other organizers, this makeup brush holder helps protect the shape of the bristles in your brushes — and securely holds each brush off the ground (and helps them air dry after they've been washed), and each organizer is able to hold up to 28 brushes of varying sizes and widths. And when you decide you're done using it, the entire unit collapses down for easy storage.

The Travel Pillow Covered In Soft, Breathable Velvet

Not only is it covered in soft, breathable velvet that won't leave you feeling hot, but the UROPHYLLA travel pillow is also inflatable so that you can choose how hard or soft it is. The raised design helps reduce any pain in your neck and head that comes from being jostled around while traveling, and when you're done using it, simply deflate it for your carry-on (and inflating it only takes about 10 seconds).

A Lip Scrub That Exfoliates Using Raw Sugar Cane

Dry, chapped lips can be difficult to get rid of (especially in the dry winter months), so try exfoliating away all that dead skin with the NRB revival lip scrub. Raw sugar cane exfoliates any dead skin so that your lips are left feeling extra-soft, and the added coconut oil adds a nourishing boost of hydration to combat any dryness — plus it's even vegan as well as paraben-free.

The Lint Brush That's Conveniently Double-Sided

Not only is it able to pick up twice the amount of lint since it's double-sided, but the Zelta lint remover brush can also be used to pick up dust from household furniture, and the handles are designed so that they fit comfortably whether you're left- or right-handed. Unlike other lint removers, this one features arrow markings that tell you how it should be used: swipe against the arrow to pick up lint and fur, or swipe in the other direction to clean out the brush.

A Set Of Miniature Bowls That You Can Pinch To Funnel Ingredients

Whether you're getting ingredients organized or filming a video for social media, the Norpro mini pinch bowls are right up your alley. Each bowl is made from flexible silicone that won't lose its shape no matter how many times you pinch it (which also makes them great for funneling ingredients), and because silicone is also heat-resistant you can even put these bowls into the microwave without having to worry about them melting.

The Makeup Cushion With Built-In SPF 50+

One of the easiest ways to protect your skin from harmful UV rays is to use makeup with built-in sun protection, like the MISSHA magic cushion. This makeup cushion is rated SPF 50+ for protection from the sun, and the smooth silica bead powder helps absorb any excess oil or sweat so that your makeup lasts. Bamboo water and baobab tree fruit extract leaves your skin feeling moisturized, and the witch hazel extract soothes any irritated areas.

The Toothpaste Made Without Any Fluoride Or Artificial Colors

Made without any fluoride, glycerin, GMOs or synthetic colors, the REDMOND earthpaste is an all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free alternative to traditional toothpaste. Unlike regular toothpaste, it's safe to swallow, and the Redmond clay gently removes any yucky build-up on your teeth. Plus, the added xylitol sweetener ensures that the taste is mild and not dirt-like.

A Compact Cosmetics Container That's Great For Powders And Liquids Alike

Bringing your entire makeup collection with you when you travel is a recipe to have at least one bottle explode while in transit (I can't be the only person this regularly happens to), so try out the Ponderosa Outdoors cosmetic containers instead. These containers are made from food-grade silicone that seals tightly so that your lotions, creams, powders, condiments, and more won't spill, plus they're TSA-approved.

The Non-Slip Tape That Keeps Your Carpets From Curling

Tired of seeing your carpets curl at the edges? The Sprtpilo rug gripper is a non-slip, invisible and reusable rug gripper that works both indoors and outdoors (including on balconies, in cars, and more). These grippers are 51 percent stickier than competing products at the same price, and they're super easy to apply — plus, it takes less than 30 seconds total, and you won't have to worry about any sticky residues on your floors if you ever decide to remove them.

A Pack Of Cleaning Tablets That Scrub The Insides Of Bottles Clean

Made without any chlorine and completely biodegradable, the BOTTLE BRIGHT cleaning tablets get the insides of any awkward bottles super-clean, no scrubbing required! Simply drop the tablet in and fill the bottle with water, then wait as stubborn stains and odors are eliminated within minutes. These tablets leave zero residues, films, or funky tastes in your bottles, and they're great for items that can't be put into the dishwasher.

The LCD Writing Pad That's Great For Kids

The WOBEECO LCD scribble pad is also small enough to fit in your pocket, making it a great alternative to wasteful paper notepads — and it's sturdy enough to take anywhere. Each order comes with an attached stylus, though in the event the stylus gets lost, you can still use your fingernails to write without having to worry about damaging the screen.

A Magnetic Pick-Up Tool That Can Hold Up To 15 Pounds

Able to extend out to 30 inches, the SE magnetic pick-up tool is deceptively strong: this compact tool can hold up to 15 pounds in weight without dropping any items. It's great for anyone who always drops things, and it's great for dropped bolts, nuts, screws, and more. Plus, the black cushion grip handle ensures that this tool feels comfortable in your hand as you work.

The Device That Brew A Single Cup Of Coffee Right In Your Mug

Instead of making an entire pot of coffee just for a single cup, try using the Primula single-serve coffee brewer. This brewer helps save you money over time — so you're not wasting beans on coffee you'll never drink, and it's also designed to fit over most cups and mugs. The reusable mesh filter keeps even the finer coffee grinds out of your drink, and since there's no electricity required, it's great for camping.

A Handy Gadget That Combines Six Tools Into One

Made from durable aluminum that isn't easily damaged, the Olixar pen multi-tool combines six tools into one convenient gadget: a ballpoint ink pen, a Phillips and slotted dual-tip screwdriver, a stylus, printed ruler, as well as a built-in spirit level. One Amazon reviewer even noted that it also "comes with a medium replaceable black ink refill," and that the pen "writes well with a bold, solid line."

The Dishcloths That Are Naturally Antibacterial

Whereas traditional dishcloths easily get full of mold and mildew, the IPPINKA charcoal dishcloth is infused with binchotan charcoal that prevents odors and bacteria from developing. This dishcloth is extra-absorbent which makes it great for cleaning up spills, and the Japanese weave allows it to become softer with every use. And unlike other dishcloths, this one is reversible so that you can display whatever side best matches your decor: aqua blue or gray.

A Fun USB LED Light Shaped Like A Spaceman

Whether you're looking for a portable light or simply like to have your laptop illuminated while you work, the Soondar LED spaceman light is a great option. This LEDs in this light have a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours, and since it's powered directly from any USB port, it's also incredibly portable. It's cute, too.

The Patches That Use Hyaluronic Acid To Combat Puffy Eyes

Infused with collagen, hyaluronic acid, plus vitamins C and E, the RegenaGlow under eye patches help reduce any unwanted puffiness underneath your eyes while simultaneously delivering a nourishing boost of moisture. Each order comes with 20 masks that are vegan-friendly, and as an added bonus, there's even 24-karat nano gold in each patch, which works as a powerful antioxidant and a natural anti-inflammatory.

A Fashionable Travel Wallet That Blocks RFID Signals

Made from premium synthetic leather, the GDTK travel wallet is lightweight and slim so that it won't leave a bulge in your pocket, and the built-in RFID-blocking technology helps keep your information secure from electronic pickpockets. There are slots where you can store your passport, credit cards, and boarding passes. One Amazon reviewer noted how "sturdy" the design is, too.

The Soap Made With Real Himalayan Pink Salt

The Falls River Soap Company salt soap bar can reduce acne, exfoliate away dead skin cells, moisturize your skin, and detoxify your pores. Made with real Himalayan pink salt, activated bamboo charcoal and red kaolin clay, this bar of soap is effective yet gentle on your skin — and you can use it all over your body and face.

A Set Of Organizers That Keep Your Cables Neatly Wrapped

If you're tired of your headphones, earbuds, or USB charging cables, constantly getting tangled, try using the CAILLU cable organizer ties. Each organizer tie is made with durable Italian leather that unravels your cables with a single pull, and because they're compact and soft, they're easy to toss right into your pocket without leaving an obnoxious bulge.

43.The Portable Fan That's Powered By Any USB Port

You can use an external power bank, your laptop, or even just a USB brick in a wall outlet — no matter how you power it, the ARCTIC USB desktop fan will help you keep cool on hot days. The flexible gooseneck can be adjusted so that you always have a constant stream of air directed at you, and the motor runs at a near-silent level, which makes it great for office use.

An Alarm That Lets You Know When Someone Is Opening Your Door

Whether you live in a dorm or an apartment without a security system, the GE door stop alarm is a great way to alert yourself that someone is opening your door. The alarm goes off when the swinging door presses down the button, and the anti-skid base helps prevent it from sliding away with the door. There are no wires or any complicated installation necessary (the alarm is battery-operated), and there's even a low-battery light that lets you know when they need to be changed.

The Cable Ties That Won't Fall Apart Under Pressure

Cheap cable ties frequently wind up with the hook dislodging from the strap whenever they're under pressure, but not the Trilancer reusable cable ties. These ties are self-gripping and firm (which helps keep them securely fastened even under heavy loads) — plus, they're the perfect size for headphones, charging cables, home theater wires, and more. Each order comes with 50 cable ties in four colors: black, green, red, and yellow.

A Thin Phone Ring That Lets You Use Your Phone Singlehandedly

Compatible with any phone that doesn't have a glass backing, the Aceyoon cat phone stand ring comes with its own pressure-sensitive adhesive that keeps it securely fastened to your phone. This ring not only lets you use your smartphone with one hand, but it can also work as a stand that keeps your phone propped up while you watch videos. And since it can rotate a full 360-degrees without needing to be readjusted, it's easy to find the optimal viewing angle no matter how you're positioned.

The Beanie Hat With Built-In Bluetooth Speakers

If oversized headphones are preventing you from keeping your ears warm in the winter, try wearing the MoonWorld Bluetooth beanie hat. This hat has built-in Bluetooth technology and speakers that let you listen to music without having to wear bulky headphones, and the battery can last for up to six hours when it's been fully charged. One size is made to fit all, and the soft knit material won't leave your ears feeling scratchy.

A Device That Lets You Draw Anything Like A Professional

By reflecting the subject onto your blank sheet of paper, the Paragon sketch wizard creates a refection that helps you trace anything without tracing paper — and enhance your drawing skills while you're at it. Fun for kids and adults alike, this tool is great for helping you develop hand-eye coordination, as well as basic drawing skills.

The Basket That Lets You Strain, Steam, And Rinse

Whether you're straining pasta, steaming vegetables, or simply rinsing off your ingredients, the Delidge foldable strainer basket makes it all a breeze. Made from durable stainless steel that won't rust or corrode over time, this strainer basket can be submerged directly into boiling water — and because the handles remain outside of the basket, you won't have to worry about burning yourself when it comes time to remove it.

A Reusable Bar Of Soap That Eliminates Stubborn Odors

It doesn't matter if you've been handling fish, garlic, or even garbage — all you have to do is rub the Amco stainless steel odor absorber between your hands underneath running water, and any pervasive or stubborn odors will quickly be eliminated. This stainless steel soap will never "run out" of its odor-busting abilities, and it makes a great gift for both professional and novice cooks alike.

The Handy Tool That Gets Every Last Drop Out Of Your Jars

Instead wasting all the leftover bits of mayonnaise and peanut butter that get stuck to the edges of the jar, try using the Compac jar scraper to get every last drop. This scraper has a unique shape that allows it to reach underneath the lip and sides of containers, and the thin design — coupled with the hanging hole at the end — make it easy to store when not in use.

A Funnel That Gets Every Last Drop Of Liquid

It's easy to wind up accidentally spilling liquid when you're trying to transfer it from bottle to bottle — except when you're using the Jokari easy funnel. This funnel is made from soft rubber with multiple built-in airflow channels that allow you to invert your bottles so that you can get every last drop, which makes it great to use with shampoos, liquid hand soaps, car fluids, and more.

The Tool That Easily Pulls All The Corn Off Your Cob

Made from non-toxic, food-grade plastic and durable stainless steel, the LIDJ corn stripper makes it easy to get all those fresh kernels of corn separated from the cob. All you have to do is push the cob through the stripping tool while twisting, and each kernel will easily fall off. And not only does it save you time, but the sharp blades also ensure that you won't have to fight in order to strip the cob.

An Injector That Simultaneously Helps Tenderize Your Meat

Not only does the built-in plunger easily release marinade into your meat, but the MarlaMall meat injector also uses three needle-like applicators that help quickly flood your meat with any flavor-enhancing marinades you like. The needles also help tenderize the meat while they inject flavor, and since they're made from stainless steel you won't have to worry about them rusting or warping over time -- plus all the materials used in this injector are completely food-safe!

The Scissors That Make It Easy To Chop Herbs

It can be difficult to get uniform chops and minces when you're preparing herbs — luckily, the Hulless kitchen herb scissors make it a breeze. These herb scissors are made from sharp stainless steel and feature five blades that allow you to cub herbs quicker than knives or normal scissors. And as an added bonus, the area between the two handles can be used to open bottle caps.

A Convenient Kitchen Accessory That Extends The Length Of Your Faucet

Made from high-quality ABS plastic, the VANVENE faucet extender has an adjustable valve design that allows you to choose between a direct stream of water or a sprinkle-shower. The tube itself can rotate a full 360-degrees so that you can direct the spray anywhere, and there's almost no installation necessary — simply stretch the rubber tube over your faucet and you're ready to go.

The Herb Stripper That Even Works With Larger Greens

Not only will it work with herbs like basil, thyme, and rosemary, but the VANVENE herb stripper also has holes that allow you to strip the leaves from vegetables like collard greens, kale, and even chard as well. The curved edges of this stripper also double as a sturdy chopper for greens and herbs, and the design makes it easy to use without much effort.

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