32 Brilliant Inventions On Amazon That Are Innovative As Hell

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No matter how organized you are or how prepared you think you can be, let's face it — even the simplest chores can be impossible to finish if you're busy. Luckily, there are all kinds of brilliant inventions on Amazon that help create shortcuts where you never even knew you needed them. In the process, they can make living fabulously that much easier to achieve, too.

When you think about totally life-changing gadgets and gizmos, your mind might instantly imagine futuristic items that you might expect to find on Star Trek. But some of the most absolutely genius things you'll find on Amazon are pretty ordinary at first glance. From a cool AF container that makes iced coffee in under a minute to a set of silicone bags that'll make food storage a breeze, the products that are really the most innovative on the site can almost pass for unexceptional. Until you read what reviewers are saying about them, that is.

Whether you're looking to streamline your morning routine before you head to work, or you just desperately wish you had an easier way to cook dinner at night, these weird but unforgettable products are a cut above the rest.

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