These 40 Inventions On Amazon Are So Brilliant, They’re Basically The Future

By Braelyn Wood
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The past 20 years have been filled with critical but life-changing inventions, with everything from tablets to Instagram altering the way we live and interact. As technology continues to advance, there's no doubt that the brilliant inventions on Amazon will continue to become even more brilliant, making them basically the future.

Growing up, I had always considered "the future" to mean crazy inventions, like robots that would clean my room for me, or hovering cars. Turns out, I wasn't far off, considering the continued increase of robotic vacuums and the undeniable popularity of hoverboards. With so many inventions starting to take on the crazy futuristic ideas we imagined as kids, it's no surprise that inventive products like retouching makeup powder and germ-killing plug-ins are starting to take over the Amazon marketplace.

By playing on the advances in modern technology, these wild, brilliant inventions offer the solutions to the issues everyone so often faces in their day-to-day lives. Whether that's irritation over lukewarm coffee or frustration over the lack of internet in the basement of your house, there's now an advanced product that eliminates the problem completely — and it can likely arrive on your doorstep in just two days with a Prime membership.

In this slideshow, you'll discover some brilliant inventions, making you realize that not only is the future already here — it's genius.

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