These 40 Inventions On Amazon Are So Brilliant, They’re Basically The Future

By Braelyn Wood

The past 20 years have been filled with critical but life-changing inventions, with everything from tablets to Instagram altering the way we live and interact. As technology continues to advance, there's no doubt that the brilliant inventions on Amazon will continue to become even more brilliant, making them basically the future.

Growing up, I had always considered "the future" to mean crazy inventions, like robots that would clean my room for me, or hovering cars. Turns out, I wasn't far off, considering the continued increase of robotic vacuums and the undeniable popularity of hoverboards. With so many inventions starting to take on the crazy futuristic ideas we imagined as kids, it's no surprise that inventive products like retouching makeup powder and germ-killing plug-ins are starting to take over the Amazon marketplace.

By playing on the advances in modern technology, these wild, brilliant inventions offer the solutions to the issues everyone so often faces in their day-to-day lives. Whether that's irritation over lukewarm coffee or frustration over the lack of internet in the basement of your house, there's now an advanced product that eliminates the problem completely — and it can likely arrive on your doorstep in just two days with a Prime membership.

In this slideshow, you'll discover some brilliant inventions, making you realize that not only is the future already here — it's genius.

Entertainment — These 40 Inventions On Amazon Are So Brilliant, They’re Basically The Future
by Braelyn Wood

1. This Ultra-Lightweight Sunscreen That Protects Skin Against Both UVA And UVA Rays

Maelove Skincare Mineral Zinc Broad Spectrum Sunscreen, $23, Amazon

Invented by MIT engineers, this ultra-lightweight mineral sunscreen by Maelove is definitely the future. Not only does the completely natural formula protect against both UVA and UVB rays, but it's infused with skin boosting algae-extract, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Completely hypoallergenic and vegan, the sunscreen won't clog pores and is free of chemical irritants, parabens, fragrance, and synthetic dyes. Reviewers say it dries clear and is incredibly gentle.


2. This Complete Meal That's Also Packed With The Caffeine Of A Strong Cup Of Coffee

Soylent Meal Replacement Drink Cafe Coffiest, $39 (12 Pack), Amazon

Soylent's meal replacement drink is a nutritionally optimized meal served in a bottle. The plant-based formula is crafted with all the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs from a meal, as well as 20 grams of protein and slow-burning carbs derived from beets. But unlike other flavors, this one is packed with 150 grams of caffeine, which is balanced with l-theanine, to prevent any jittery effects. This is perfect for the busy person who doesn't have time to eat breakfast as often as they'd like to — it's as nutrient-dense as a full meal.


3. This Best-Selling Mug That Lets You Control The Temperature Of Your Coffee And Tea

Ember Temperature Control Mug, $80, Amazon

This best-selling ceramic mug lets you customize and control the temperature of your morning coffee through your smartphone. Find the perfect temperature to enhance the flavor of your coffee and tea before saving them in the Ember app, where you can customize all your different beverages. Each 10-ounce cup can be heated up to 145 degrees and has a LED light that can be personalized.


4. This Omelette Maker That Can Make A Perfectly Fluffy, Two-Egg Breakfast In Under 3 Minutes

Dash Nonstick Omelette Maker, $27, Amazon

This omelette maker can cook a fluffy two-egg omelette in just 3 minutes, so you'll finally stop skipping breakfast. Just preheat the machine and wait for the indicator light to turn green. When it's ready, pour in your ingredients — including fresh veggies — and flip the temp to 180 degrees. Once the omelette's ready, just slide it off the non-slip cooking surface and wipe clean with a cloth. It can then be stored upright in your cabinets to save some space.


5. This Metronome System That Helps You Fall Asleep Faster

Dodow Sleep Aid Device, $59, Amazon

Stop counting sheep and start falling asleep by using Dodow's sleep aid device, which is a metronome and light system designed to help you fall asleep with 8- or 20-minute exercises. To start, just tap the surface and wait for a soft blue light to appear on the ceiling. Synchronize your breathing with the light, which helps you relax and enter a slow breathing rate. This puts your body into the ideal state for falling asleep — typically 25 percent faster than normal.


6. This Infinity Travel Pillow That Adjusts To Work Wherever You Need It To

Huzi Infinity Pillow, $40, Amazon

You can twist, wrap, and cuddle with this hypoallergenic infinity pillow, which makes it incredibly versatile — you can use it as a neck pillow, window pillow, desk pillow, or even as back support. It's made of a super soft bamboo fabric that can balance your skin's temperature and is filled with layers of supportive microfiber. And, best of all, it's totally machine-washable and naturally antibacterial.


7. This Finishing Powder That Makes Your Skin So Smooth, It Looks Retouched IRL

Wunder2 Perfect Selfie Finishing Powder, $22, Amazon

Created to have an elastic-like effect on skin, which helps to keep skin flexible and looking natural, this finishing powder makes your skin looks silky smooth by minimizing the appearance of pores. Combine that with a mattifying effect, and your skin will look like it's been retouched in real life. Designed not to settle into creases, it feels weightless on skin and comes in a universal shade.


8. These Notes That Help You Express Your Irritation In A Passive Aggressive Form

Knock Knock Passive Aggressive Notes, $7, Amazon

The future is here: You can now subtweet people in real life with this handy little notepad. It comes with 50 sheets of fill-in-the-blank notes that lets you address the shortcomings of the people around you — whether it's poor attitude or inconsiderate behavior. Perfectly designed for roommates or frenemies, it's no surprise the pad has almost five stars on Amazon.


9.This Completely Portable Grill That Combines Electricity And Charcoal For Less Smoke Without Losing Flavor

Gormia Portable Grill, $65, Amazon

If you want the flavor of charcoal but detest the smoky overload, this portable grill is the perfect solution. This battery-operated grill controls airflow to reduce smoke and the amount of charcoal needed to cook — and combines the power of electricity with charcoal. The non-stick grill top is easy to clean with a double grill pan system that eliminate drip. Compact enough for travel, it comes with a storage bag and is perfect for picnics, tailgates, and patios.


10. This Curated Beauty Treatment That Has One Mask For Every Day Of The Week

Reskin One Week Treatment Mask Sheets, $22 (Set of 7), Amazon

Nurture your skin every night of the week by applying one treatment a week from Reskin's one-week treatment. Each mask serves a different purpose throughout the week, including refreshing, soothing, brightening, moisturizing, and energizing skin. Each 100 percent pure cotton sheet is carefully woven in a honeycomb pattern to absorb and deliver the most of each essence. Safe for even the most sensitive skin, use them just 10 minutes Sunday through Saturday for the ultimate skin refresh.


11. These Cutting Boards That Are Curved With Easy-Pour Ends To Guide Chopped Food Into Your Pan

Joseph Joseph Nesting Cutting Boards, $30 (Set of 3), Amazon

Joseph Joseph gave cutting boards a complete makeover with their curved edges, designed for ingredients to easily chute into pots or pans. Each prep mat is made from a knife-friendly textured cutting, and all three dishwasher safe boards easily stack into each other to take up minimal space and can stand up vertically on your countertops. Their bottoms are also covered in a non-slip base that reduces movement while you chop.


12. An Affordable Activity Tracker That Also Follows Your Sleep Habits

Jawbone Up Move Activity Tracker, $9, Amazon

This completely affordable fitness tracker by Jawbone can either clip onto your clothing or be worn around the wrist to track your steps, distance walked, workouts, idle time, and active time throughout the day. Pair it with the phone app for both iOS and Android, and you can even manually log your water intake. Available in five different colors, it also can track the hours you sleep each night and the quality of your sleep.


13. This Makeup Removing Towel That Only Needs Water To Remove Even The Darkest Eyeliner

Life Miracle Makeup Remover Nano Towels, $15, Amazon

We worry so much about what's in our makeup, it's only natural to wonder about what's in the products we use to take it off. Luckily, this NanoTowel completely removes your makeup by just using water. It can exfoliate deep into your pores to remove all types of cosmetics, even waterproof eyeliner. Hypoallergenic and reusable, it can be thrown into the washing machine for a quick refresh — just be sure to avoid the fabric softener.


14. This Cordless Water Flosser That Has A 360-Degree Rotating Tip To Reach Your Gum Line From Every Angle

Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser, $70, Amazon

Flossing your teeth just became way cooler, thanks to a cordless water flosser that uses a steady stream of water to give you healthier gums and whiter teeth. Choose from three different pressure settings and flossing tips before giving your gums a blast of 45 seconds of water. It uses electronic pressure control so it'll never be too rough, and it even has an LED battery charge indicator.


15. These Smart Plugs That Connect To WiFi So You Can Control Them From Anywhere

Gmyle Smart Sockets, $48 (4 Pack), Amazon

Before long, unplugging your electronics will be a thing of the past with these modern smart sockets that connect to WiFi, so you can control them from any smart device. Not only can they be used with smart home systems like Alexa, but each socket can be controlled with a timer or schedule function to turn on, off, or automatically throughout the day. That way you can save money on your electricity and stop fretting over whether your left your curling iron on.


16. This Shower Head That Has LED Lights And Is Powered By Running Water

DreamSpa LED Shower Head, $35, Amazon

Turn every shower into a spa-like experience with an LED shower head that's powered by your water pressure. The extra-large head is more than 5 inches in diameter and offers five powerful settings including power rain, pulsating massage, hydro-mist, economy rain, and water-saving. Covered in a reflective chrome, it changes color based on the temperature of your water and is easy to install without tools or special equipment.


17. A Filtration System That Removes Chlorine, Lead, And Sediment From Tap Water

Ecosoft Countertop Water Filter System, $45, Amazon

Use this countertop filtration system for freshly filtered water that's free of scary substances like chlorine, lead, or sediment while leaving minerals intact. Every glass of water will run through the activated carbon filter, guaranteeing your drink is free of bad tastes and odors for up to 6 months. It takes just 10 minutes to install in any kitchen sink, and requires no plumbing or drilling. It also comes with two faucet adapters and a seal to ensure no leaks.


18. A Completely Waterproof Speaker That Actually Floats In Water

Cowin Swimmer Bluetooth Speaker, $50, Amazon

This Bluetooth speaker brings the party anywhere, thanks to a rubberized exterior that protects against water and dust while providing impact resistance. Completely waterproof, it comes with an enhanced bass and loud volume to ensure it has you covered — even while floating in the middle of the pool or hot tub. Best of all, the top of the speaker is covered in 32 LED lights that trickle between three colors on five different modes.


19. The Ceramic Hair Straightener That Can Actually Fold In Half

Apalus Foldable Mini Hair Straightener Brush, $28, Amazon

This mini hair straightener folds in half to ensure you'll always have your hair tools on hand while traveling. Great for travel or the gym, the ionic hair straightener gently nourishes hair as it smooths for a final look that's frizz-free and shiny. It heats up in just 90 seconds, and can be adjusted between 140 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. With built-in ceramic teeth to prevent hair pulling and anti-scald protection, you might start to wonder why you even need your full-sized flat iron.


20. This Facial Brush That's Comes With A Built-In Sanitizer That Kills 99.9 Perfect Of Germs When Not In Use

Tao Clean Orbital Facial Brush & Cleansing System, $70, Amazon

Just like makeup brushes, your facial brush needs to be sanitized regularly, which is why this cleansing system is actually genius. It comes with a facial brush outfitted with an ergonomic handle and gentle spinning bristles that easily wash away dirt, makeup, and dead skin. When the brush isn't in use, the base station sanitizes it with UV-C rays before drying and charging. Sold in black and white, this system has a few different modes, including one for sensitive skin.


21. This Serum That Conditions Lashes To Look Full With Less Fall Out

DHC Eyelash Tonic, $14, Amazon

Perfect for conditioning from root to tip, your natural lashes get a little TLC with this lash tonic. Great as a mascara base in the morning or overnight treatment, it's applied like mascara to evenly cover your entire lash. The powerful combination of aloe, olive leaf extract, willow bark extract, and ginseng in the formula then gives your lashes a moisturizing treatment that helps them look fuller; it also helps them fall out less.


22. This Smart Notebook That Turns Your Handwritten Doodles Into Digital Files

Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook, $32, Amazon

Throwing out notebooks is so outdated with this smart notebook that turns your handwritten notes into digital files you can access anytime, anywhere. Just write with a Pilot FriXion pen and wait 15 seconds before transferring your files online. Once they're saved, simply use a damp cloth to renew your notebook for another set of notes. Environmentally friendly and tech-savvy, it's no surprise a reviewer wrote it "will change your life."


23. This Moldable Glue That Turns Into Durable Rubber Overnight

Sugru Moldable Glue, $22, Amazon

Use this moldable glue to fix broken electronic cords, create something new, or improve an existing item. The unique formula turns from moldable glue that can be repositioned or adjusted for up to 30 minutes before drying overnight into a strong and durable silicone rubber. Available in a variety of colors, the final creations are skin-friendly, waterproof, and strong enough to hold more than 4 pounds.


24. This Skin Moisture Reader That Sends Result To Your Smart Phone In Seconds

Morjava Skin Moisture Detector, $23, Amazon

Long gone are the days of guessing your skin's moisture level by staring into a mirror. Instead, use this skin detector to determine your skin type. Just press the metal probe to your skin and wait for the results to appear on your phone's display in just 5 seconds via Bluetooth. Use it for up to two years to determine your skin's moisture rate and to find the right skincare routine for you.


25. This Folding Vanity Mirror That Lights Up With An Intelligent Touch Sensor Switch

Richen DeWeisn Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror, $27, Amazon

Get every hair you want tweezed the first time and ensure your makeup looks perfect with this illuminated vanity mirror. It's divided into three sections with two and three times the magnification, and it has a 180-degree rotating base that can be adjusted as needed. To top it off, the main section is covered in 21 LED lights that are controlled with a touch sensor switch to adjust brightness.


26. An LED Night Light That Has Built-In Motion Sensors

Lenova Motion Sensor LED Night Light, $12, Amazon

Instead of having the hallway faintly illuminated all night long, invest in this futuristic motion sensor LED light. It detects when you walk by and only turns off when it detects no motion for 20 seconds. Just attach it to your desired location using the included tape and let it run up to 3 months before recharging the batteries. Also chargeable through USB cables, it can be purchased as either a soft warm light or a brighter white light.


27. An Extension Cord With A Built-In Flex End That Can Wrap Around Tables Or Ladders To Stay In Place

Quirky Extension Cord, $9, Amazon

Unlike other extension cords that flop around, this genius cord has an 18-inch flex outlet at the end that wraps around tables, ladders, and more to keep it in place. The 6-foot cord has three different outlets with three-prop openings and conductive wiring. One reviewer even bought five of them, writing: "No more bending down low or trying to reach the outlet in the wall from behind things ... you can wrap them around pretty much anything and they stay!"


28. This Sleek Diffuser That Can Run Continuously For 10 Hours

Stadler Form Mia Aroma Diffuser, $49, Amazon

This modern-looking diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to turn your favorite essential oils into a soothing mist. Available in four colors, it holds enough water to run continuously for up to 10 hours before automatically shutting off when out of water. Strong enough to cover 340 square feet, it has five stars on Amazon.


29. A Robot Vacuum That Cleans Your Floors So You Don't Have To

Pure Clean Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, $85, Amazon

This vacuum cleaner is proof that the future is filled with smart robots that will take on the tasks you detest. The cleaner comes with three modes and works on hardwood floors, tile, and low carpet to remove dirt and debris. Completely bagless, it uses a spinning side brush to lift debris before a powerful vacuum suctions it up. With a full range of motion and a recharging battery, the only downside is that you can't watch it get every dust bunny under your sofa.


30. This Bestselling Air Purifier That Uses UV-C Light Technology To Give You Cleaner, Fresher Air

Guardian Technologies Pluggable GermGuardian, $35, Amazon

Refresh your home with a plug-in GermGuardian that uses a UV-C light technology to kill germs and purify the air. Strong enough to attack microscopic airborne bacteria and viruses, it even gets rid of nasty odors — including those from smoke, cooking, or pets. Just plug the 8-inch device into your outlet and let the bestselling tool work its magic.


31. This Genius Device That Extends Your WiFi Signal To Give You A Faster Connection

TP-Link Dual Band WiFi Range Extender, $30, Amazon

Even though this WiFi extender may look tiny, it actually completes a superhero task by boosting the strength of your signal — which helps to improve the range of coverage and the speed of your downloads. Designed to work with any router or access point, it uses three internal antennas to improve your WiFi speed up to 150 percent. Just uses the color-changing signal indicator lights to find the weakest point and plug it in for the easiest installation ever.


32. These Smart LED Lights That Let You Pick From A Spectrum Of Colors

Sylvania Smart Bulbs, $50 (2 Pack), Amazon

Pick from thousands of different colors to create a rich ambient light in your home with these smart bulbs. Up to 84 percent more efficient than your standard bulb, they last up to 20,000 hours of use. You can even control them from anywhere in the world with a compatible app that lets you schedule when to turn them on and adjust their brightness level.


33. This UV Vacuum Cleaner That Kills All The Bacteria On Your Mattress

Housmile Anti-Dust UV Vacuum Cleaner, $70, Amazon

Forget your standard vacuum cleaner — a true spring cleaning is all about using a powerful UV vacuum that sterilizes your home with a heated air stream and efficiently kills mites, bed bugs, and up to 99.7 percent of bacteria. Only 3 pounds, the lightweight machine holds a powerful interior filtration system that uses activated carbon to capture particles and only release fresh air. It's fantastic for mattresses, sofas, cloth pillows, and all those other things you never get around to cleaning.


34. An Automatic Curling Iron That Gives You The Perfect Spiral In Just 8 Seconds

BEQOOL Automatic Curling Iron, $50, Amazon

When this automatic curling iron takes in a section of your hair into its chamber, it's impossible to imagine it will release a perfect ringlet just seconds later. But this incredible tool heats up in just 90 seconds to start giving you the curls and waves of your dreams. Just pick between three temperature settings to match your hair type and three time settings to determine the tightness of your curls, and start clamping away. Not only will the curls look amazing, but the powerful steam system helps reduce heat damage.


35. This Heated Eye Mask That Uses USB Temperature Control For A Consistent Soothing Warmth

Brigenius Heated Eye Mask, $40, Amazon

Unlike microwavable eye masks that lose their heat over time, this one — which uses a USB — is plugged in consistently to give you the right temperature to rid you of headaches. It secures around the head with an adjustable Velcro strap and is also heated with a modern graphene material that closely matches the infrared released by your body. The mask has three temperature settings, too.


36. A Healthy Air Fryer That Lets You Ditch Oil Altogether

Simple Chef Air Fryer, $69, Amazon

If you're a huge fan of crispy fries but don't want to bother with a deep fryer, this air fryer will your favorite new gadget — and it even reduces the amount of oil needed to create a crispy and satisfying snack. Made from BPA-free plastic, the state of the art appliance can be used to cook potatoes, steak, hamburgers, spring rolls with more crunch. With temperature ranges from 180 to 400 degrees, it uses rapid air circulation to cook your favorite foods.


37. The Automatic Soap Dispenser With Four Different Release Settings

WILDJUE Soap Dispenser, $26, Amazon

Instead of trying to pour dish soap into your pot while juggling the sponge, invest in an automatic dispenser. It lets you continue scrubbing before using a quick hand motion to release soap. Choose from four different volumes and use the on button to rev up the dispenser. Great for stopping dripping and trailing, it even has a waterproof base that stops soap corrosion to keep your dispenser working for years to come.


38. This Magical Device That Turns Hot Coffee Into A Cold Beverage In Just 60 Seconds

HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker, $30, Amazon

If you're a fan of iced coffee but regularly forget to make it the night before, use this simple chilling device to turn a hot coffee — up to 130 degrees — into a cold beverage in just one minute. It uses two layers of stainless steel to rapidly reduce the temperature of your drink without diluting the flavor, and the dishwasher safe mug can hold over 12-ounces of liquid. It's also to use on other drinks, like whiskey, wine, or tea.


39. These Mini Tools That Re-Seal Open Plastic Bags Using Heat

iTouchless Handheld Bag Sealer, $14 (2 Pack), Amazon

This handheld bag sealer turns stale chips into a nightmare of the past by using heat to reseal plastic and aluminum bags. Ideal for reducing food waste, these high-quality sealers have a magnetic backing and can be placed on the stove or fridge for easy access. Once you're done snacking, just grab one to return your food to its original packaging with an air-tight seal.


40. These Eyelashes That Are Applied With Magnets

Magnetic Eyelashes. $16 (4 Pack), Amazon

With over 1,400 reviews, this set of magnetic lashes doesn't need annoying glue to stick onto eyes — they use magnets on each side instead. They're soft, synthetic, and flexible, and one reviewer writes: "You literally set the top lashes on top of your own lashes, then put the bottom set under your lashes to align with the top ones. The magnets make them snap together easily."

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