62 Brilliant & Shockingly Affordable Products Most Added To Amazon Wish Lists

By Maria Cassano
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Think back to second grade, when your best friend in class got one of those stacking point crayons, and you just had to have one, too. The best random but brilliant products most added to Amazon wish lists are a little bit like that. Yeah, I'm a grown woman now, but when hundreds of people are bookmarking the same product, it's probably for a reason. It also kind of really makes me want it, too. Immature? Maybe. Hands down the most promising way to spend my money? Most definitely.

In all seriousness, writing about Amazon products is my life, but I'll admit — I get a ton of inspiration from what other people are purchasing. If an item's sales have increased tenfold in the past week, it's usually something that you'll actually want. Scanning Amazon's "most wished for" category is how I've found some of my all-time favorites that I now use consistently, both in my roundups and in my everyday routine.

So whether you're raiding people's wish lists for gifts that only look expensive or yearning for a solid way to spend this month's paycheck, look no further. The trusty users of Amazon have already done all the hard work for you with these brilliant and shockingly affordable products.

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