50 Puns For Your Instagram Bio, Because Witty Always Works

Whenever I pick up my phone, the first app I click on is Instagram. It's the perfect place to see what your friends are up to, and show off to the world what you're up to. Curating an Instagram account that perfectly captures the impression you want to make can be a bit challenging. The first place people look at when checking your account out is your intro. With just a few characters, you have to purrfectly describe yourself, so for a fun profile, you may want some puns for your Instagram bio.

When your space is limited, a pun is an easy, short way to get the point across that you not only have a great sense of humor, but your posts will have an element of fun as well. It'll prepare your friends for all the punny captions to come on your selfies, foodie pics, and bestie squad photos. As much as they may cause a few eye rolls every once in awhile, there's no denying that everyone loves a good pun. Coming up with the right words is hard, so I've made it easier for you by putting together a list of 50 puns to use in your bio. Now that you've set the stage, it opens the way for you to truly just bee yourself as you post away on your fun (and punny) 'Gram.

1. "Don't kale my vibe." — Unknown

2. "I'm just peachy." — Unknown

3. "Tropic like it's hot." — Unknown

4. "There's snowplace like home." — Unknown

5. "Oh kale yeah." — Unknown

6. "Party thyme." — Unknown

7. "The snuggle is real." — Unknown

8. "There's no one butter." — Unknown

9. "Having a gouda time." — Unknown

10. "Just bee-ing me." — Unknown

Lauren Naefe/Stocksy

11. "Always bee yourself." — Unknown

12. "Live life in full bloom." — Unknown

13. "Donut worry. Be happy." — Unknown

14. "Looking for puns? I'm the pun-king." — Unknown

15. "I'm one sofishticated gal." — Unknown

16. "My puns are koala-tea." — Unknown

17. "Let's taco 'bout it." — Unknown

18. "I'm no impasta." — Unknown

19. "I'm very a-peel-ing." — Unknown

20. "I hope you find peas." — Unknown

Nabi Tang/Stocksy

21. "Seas the day." — Unknown

22. "Always in search of some vitamin sea." — Unknown

23. "I have resting beach face." — Unknown

24. "Let's not make this guacward." — Unknown

26. "Lettuce seize the day." — Unknown

27. "All you knead is love." — Unknown

28. "My cat says I'm pawsome." — Unknown

29. "I've made quite a spectacle of myself." — Unknown

30. "I've got my thinking cat on." — Unknown

31. "When life gets over-whale-ming, you have to keep on swimming." — Unknown

32. "Having the purrfect day." — Unknown

33. "I know it's cheesy, but I think you're grate." — Unknown

34. "I'm always choco-late." — Unknown

35. "Puns leaf me smiling." — Unknown

36. "Trying to stay pawsitive." — Unknown

37. "I like to stop and smell the rosé." — Unknown

38. "I found this humerus." — Unknown

39. "I'm one in a melon." — Unknown

Nabi Tang/Stocksy

40. "I'm here if you need a little encourage mint." — Unknown

41. "Some say I'm eggcellent." — Unknown

42. "My puns are a little unicorny." — Unknown

43. "You want a pizza me?" — Unknown

44. "I'm bearly awake." — Unknown

45. "Here for the right riesling." — Unknown

46. "Keep palm and carry on." — Unknown

47. "Girls just want to have sun." — Unknown

48. "I love to take time to wine down." — Unknown

49. "I live by the motto Hakuna Moscato. It means drink more wine." — Unknown

50. "Walking in a winter punderland." — Unknown