Beautiful girls in black dresses and witch hats are holding party props and doing selfie using a smart phone, on background decorated for Halloween

50 Clever Halloween Party Group Chat Names For You & Your Hallow-Queens


Halloween is right around the corner, and your party invites may be starting to roll in as well. If you plan on party hopping all night, keeping in touch with your main witches on their whereabouts is a must. That's when you know it's time to start a group chat ASAP, and the first thing you need to do after forming the group is to come up with a creative name. Since you're all about that spooky season, you'll want to consider some clever Halloween party group chat names for your crew.

If you don't already have a group chat with your besties going on, it's important to make one before Oct. 31. That'll be your key to keeping up with everyone as festivities begin. It'll also be the best place to quickly share your Halloween costume group selfies with the whole crew, so everyone can post on their Instas before midnight. Actually, right now, my group chat is already going off with text after text from my friends sharing their Halloween costume ideas. To perfectly fit the mood and topic, I changed our typical bestie group name to something punny for Halloween.

If you'd like to kick off the Halloween vibes, consider changing up the text color to purple or orange if you're using something like Facebook Messenger as your go-to texting medium. Next up, deciding on a Halloween pun for your group chat name is easier said than done. There are either too many puns to choose from, or you're hit with writers block. If you're having trouble, use any of these 50 clever Halloween group chat names for yourself or inspiration. Here's to a night of tricks, treats, and texting nonstop.


1. Squad Ghouls

2. My Ghoul Friends

3. My Boos

4. Wrap Party

5. Skele-Fun Friends

6. Fangtastic Friends

7. Candy Corny Fun

8. Where My Witches At?

9. Witch Tracker

10. Haunting With My Witches

11. Vampire Slay All Day

12. No Boo Shit Allowed

13. The Coven

14. My Boo Crew

15. Here For The Boos

16. Gourd Time With Friends

17. We've Got Pumpkin To Talk About

18. Carving Out Some Fun

19. Let's Get That Black Flame Candle Lit

20. The Sanderson Sisters

21. Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus

22. Go Big Or Gourd Home

23. Here For The Tricks

24. Trick Or Treat Ourselves

25. We've Got It, We Haunt It


26. Shake Your Boo-ty

27. Creeping It Real

28. Boo-tiful Friends

29. Spooktacular Crew

30. Not Your Basic Witches

31. Spooktacular Group

32. Wicked Awesome Friends

33. Eye Love My Friends

34. Get The Party Startled

35. A Ghoul's Best Friends

36. My Hallow-Queens

37. UnBOOlievable Friends

38. Boo-gie Witches

39. Party Spirits

40. No Ghosting Allowed

41. Howl You Doin?

42. A Scare Is Born

43. Witchful Thinking

44. Bone To Be Wild

45. No Tricks Just Treats

46. Main Witches

47. Where My Ghouls At?

48. FaBOOlous Friends

49. Fangs For The Memories

50. We Got Spirits, Yes We Do