5 'You' Season 2 Theories That Will Blow Your Mind


In its first season, Lifetime's (now Netflix's) twisty psychological thriller You had everyone's jaw on the floor time and again, and it saved the most unexpected twists for the very end. Now, we are all anxiously waiting for the second season of the show, and trying to figure out what could possible come next. Fans already have some ideas for what twists the next season could have in store, and these You Season 2 theories will hold you over during the wait for Joe Goldberg's return.

First things first: Before we get into any theories about Season 2, we need to go over the things that are already officially confirmed about the new season. Oh, and of course, this all comes with a major Spoiler Alert: Don't read on if you have not already watched all of You Season 1. The big thing that we already know about Season 2 is that it will be set in Los Angeles instead of New York, as Joe moves across the country to try to escape his murderous past. The new season has already been filming in L.A., and this also falls in line with the Caroline Kepnes novels that You is based on. Season 1 loosely followed the plot of Kepnes' first novel, also called You, and Season 2 will use the framework of the sequel, Hidden Bodies. But fans should not expect the TV show to follow the plot of the book exactly — the first season made a number of important departures from the book (most notably Candace's surprise return in the finale), and Season 2 promises to do the same.

So what could happen in Season 2? Here are some theories that You fans are pondering.

1. Beck is still alive.

This would be a major departure from the books and obviously a massive twist, and that could be just reason enough for Season 2's big surprise to be that Beck actually survived Joe's attack on her in the Season 1 finale. The first season ended with Joe seemingly killing Beck in Mooney's basement and then framing her therapist Dr. Nicky with her murder. But then again, we also thought that Joe murdered Candace, who we found out is actually still alive. Could this be another one of those situations? Plus, Beck secretly still being alive would create sooo many problems for Joe, and how could this show resist that grade-A drama?

2. That jar of pee will be a major plot point.

So, remember that time that Joe snuck into Peach's house and murdered her, and then Peach's family hired a private investigator to track down her killer? Well, Joe managed to make it through Season 1 without getting caught, but he might finally get his comeuppance in Season 2. And it is all because of his bladder. Yep — that jar that Joe peed in while spying on Peach and Beck is still at Peach's house, and it is a total smoking gun connecting Joe to Peach's murder. Good luck explaining that one, Joe.

3. Paco will reveal the truth about Joe.

A jar of DNA is not the only thing Joe has to worry about. His neighbor Paco also now knows all about Joe's murderous tendencies. Sure, Paco looks up to Joe and they have a close bond, but after seeing him kill his abusive stepdad and likely putting together that Joe also killed Beck in the basement, he might have a change of heart.

4. Dr. Nicky will get his revenge.

As if Joe did not have enough to worry about, there's also the man he framed for Beck's murder. You can bet that Dr. Nicky is spending his jail-time dreaming up ways to expose Joe for the murder that he had to take the fall for.

5. Candace will be a major player in Season 2.

OK, this one seems pretty obvious. Joe's first love, Candace (whom we all assumed he had murdered), showed up in the very last moments of the Season 1 finale. We still do not know why she is back and confronting Joe, but you can be sure that she will be a big part of the next season.