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Here's Everything 'You' Fans Should Know About Season 2

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If you are one of the many people who has already binged your way through Netflix's newly acquired thriller You, then you are probably dying to know when a second season will premiere. Thankfully, you can rest assured that another season is officially in the works already, so yes, you will get answers to that wild cliffhanger ending. But when will You Season 2 premiere, and what can fans expect from the new season? Let's get into everything that you need to know.

UPDATE: On Nov. 11, Netflix announced You Season 2 will be released on Dec. 26, 2019. Penn Badgley also tweeted out a teaser video for the new season.


When will You Season 2 premiere?

You has taken a pretty strange route to its second season behind the scenes, but a Season 2 is officially confirmed. The twisty thriller first aired on Lifetime this past fall, and before it even premiered the network had already ordered a second season. But about a month after the first season finale, it was revealed that You would be moving from Lifetime to Netflix for its second season. Now, You's first season is streaming on Netflix and its second season will stream exclusively on Netflix as well.

Season 2 is already in production, but a premiere date has not yet been announced. Although it is a bit tricky to predict given the change of networks, fans can probably expect the second season of You to premiere in the fall of 2019.


Where will You Season 2 take place?

New York City — and Brooklyn in particular — played a big part in the story of You's first season, but the show is moving across the country for its second season. The new season is filming in Los Angeles, which is where the new season will be set. While this may seem like a big jump, it actually follows the novels that You is based on. In the sequel book, Joe moves from New York to Hollywood, trying to escape his past murders.

What will You Season 2 be about?

Thankfully, fans are not totally in the dark about where Season 2 will go since the show is still loosely following the story of the Caroline Kepnes novels it is based on. Although the first season of You made some major departures from the novel and Season 2 promises to do the same, we still have a basic idea of what is going to happen. The new season will be based on You's sequel, called Hidden Bodies. You can get some details about the book or order your own copy on Caroline Kepnes' website. Basically, the new season will see Joe trying to keep his murderous past a secret from the new connections that he makes in Los Angeles, including a new love interest.

Of course, the new season will also have to deal with that major cliffhanger from the Season 1 finale. Spoiler alert: Don't read on if you haven't finished You Season 1 yet. The surprise return of Joe's first love Candace was actually not a part of the novels at all, so we have no idea where that story will go in Season 2. It will definitely have to be dealt with right away, though, and promises to be a major part of the new season.

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