Women Reveal Their Most Cringeworthy New Year's Eve Kisses That Will Make You Want To Stay Celibate For Life

by Jamie Kravitz

Oh, New Year's Eve. An annual night that's all about champagne, confetti, and last-minute scrambling to find someone to smooch at midnight. For some reason, it is a time-honored tradition to kick off each new year by swapping saliva with a drunken stranger. I thought the point of making resolutions was to avoid situations like these, but maybe that's just me. Either way, it's not a huge surprise that so many people have stories to share about their worst New Year's Eve kisses. From the awkward and uncomfortable kisses themselves, to the just plain upsetting consequences that follow, these five women's stories might just make you reconsider searching for that perfect kiss come midnight. But then again...

Maybe whoever you choose for your New Year's Eve kiss ends up being totally random. Their lips on yours probably won't make you feel like time has stopped, or that you're the only two people in the room. And sure, it's also not very likely that one quick kiss at midnight will lead to a sparkly new relationship that kicks off on January first. But hey, here's to trying again anyway, each and every year. You know, just in case. Cheers to 2018!

This girl had her first kiss on New Year's.

I had my first kiss on New Year's, but the guy didn't know it was my first kiss. I was a year older than him, so he just assumed I had experience even though I was only in eighth grade. He initiated the kiss and I remember his lips were really chapped. He stuck his tongue in my mouth and moved it around in a way that was uncomfortable to say the least. The next day, he told our friends that I had been the one who used too much tongue.

— Rose, 22

This girl's midnight smooch was just plain awkward.

I invited this guy who liked me to a New Year's party because I wanted a date and I knew my ex was going to be there. I wasn't into the guy I invited, so not only was he hanging around me, but my parents were also at this party. He met them and that was awkward AF. When the ball dropped he was just staring at me, so I said, 'You can kiss me if you want,' and he did.

— Jenna, 25

This girl missed her opportunity altogether.

One of my best friends had a thing for me and I started to see him differently on New Year’s Eve (maybe because I was drunk). I looked for him to tell him how I felt and hopefully kiss him at midnight, but he had already gone to another bar. I ended up kissing a girlfriend instead.

— Ellie, 22

This girl's Prince Charming turned out to be a dud.

Two years ago, I actually had a really great New Year's Eve kiss. I met a guy at a party who had pet chickens (quirky!), said his resolution was to only read books by women (feminist!), and immediately compared my glittery outfit and ponytail to Ariana Grande (I should marry him, right?). The kiss was a little sloppy from all the champagne, but it totally gave me butterflies. We went out once, I actually considered marrying him, and then he ghosted me, leaving me very, very, very sad for the rest of January.

— Hannah, 24

This girl's kiss was far from magical.

A few years ago, I hosted a New Year's party with all of my close college friends. We were all pretty drunk, especially my roommate's fraternity brother, who initiated a kiss with me at midnight. Afterwards, he followed me and my roommate upstairs to my room, where he immediately passed out on my bed. I was honestly relieved, because I didn't want to do more than kiss him. He eventually woke up, threw up, and then went downstairs to sleep on the couch.

— Adrienne, 25

If your New Year's kiss goes south this year, at least you'll have a good story to tell your friends.

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