5 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Horoscope

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It seems like millennials get blamed for killing a lot of things, but we’ve definitely been blessed with the power of resurrection, too. Just look at what we’ve done for astrology. Horoscopes are no longer relegated to the backs of magazines or outdated pickup lines. Now, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t at least know their sign, and Instagram is bursting with zodiac-themed meme accounts. (This writer follows at least four.)

Astrology is here to stay, and we’re all for it. I mean, is there anything more fun than being able to see how you're such a Libra, and that you're totally meant to end up with a Cancer? If you find something, call us.

So to all of you star-gazers out there, I've got great news. Whether you treat your sign as gospel or just another facet of your personality, there are so many ways to engage with the zodiac outside of reading your horoscope on the first day of every month. Below, I’ll walk you through five ways to get more out of your horoscope, like listening to a new Parcast original podcast (available on Spotify), Horoscope Today, which features a separate show for every sign, every single day. (Your commute just got sooo much better).

1. Listen To Your Sign’s Dedicated Daily Podcast On 'Horoscope Today'


You read that right: There's a podcast just for your sign, every day. Horoscope Today, a Parcast Original podcast, is the first daily astrology podcast with a show for each of the 12 signs every single day (so there’s Aries Today, Gemini Today, Pisces Today, etc.). Every episode is curated by a team of professional astrologists, which means it’s detailed and accurate — not to mention the easiest way to bring astrology into your day-to-day routine. They run about 2-3 minutes long, so it's short, sweet, and easy to incorporate into your day. Follow Horoscope Today now to listen free every day on Spotify!

2. Research Your Birth Chart

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Most likely, you already know your sun sign. That’s the one based on your birth date, and the one you use when consulting your general horoscope. But for an even deeper understanding of your star alignment, you can calculate your birth chart with your exact time of birth. This is how you’ll find your rising sign (essentially the face you present to the world), your moon (your private self and emotions), and a whole host of other details based on not just the date, but also the time and geographical location of your birth.

3. Nerd Out Over Your Sign's Constellation

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We might think of them more often as fish, twins, a bull, and other symbols, but the signs based on actual constellations. The zodiac constellations appear along the same path that the sun, moon, and planets follow across the sky, hence their perceived importance throughout history. We don’t look up enough as it is, so why not take this opportunity to learn a little astronomy alongside the astrology? Plus, the constellations make really cute tattoos.

4. Wear Your Sign On Your Sleeve

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Tattoo a little too permanent for you? No problem. Just a quick scroll through any online marketplace will reveal all the delicate necklaces, bracelets, and other swag you can get based on your sign. Whether you like the look of the constellation, the symbol, or just your sign’s name, there are so many lovely ways to communicate your sign as quietly — or as loudly — as you want.

5. Learn About Your Compatibility With Other Signs

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Sure, you can get along with anyone if you really put your heart and mind to it, but according to astrologers, certain signs do play better with others. So once you’ve become an expert on your own sign, why not look up your friends’ signs too, to see how compatible you are? You can also find tips for dealing with others based on their sign, like anticipating your Aries partner’s need for spontaneity.

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