5 Vegan Mac & Cheese Recipes For Friendsgiving Every Foodie Will Approve Of

by Tessa Harvey

Celebrating Friendsgiving is all about being thankful for the incredibly special friends you have in your life, all while coming together to enjoy some iconic dishes like turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, and sweet potato casserole. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. And if you're vegan or vegetarian, there's a way to recreate pretty much anything on your Friendsgiving spread, so don't even fret about it. A quick YouTube search will help you find a vegan version of almost anything, so there's no reason for vegans to feel left out at your Friendsgiving bash. In fact, there are tutorials that will seriously blow your mind (yes, they're that good), including vegan mac and cheese recipes.

I know what you may be thinking... vegan mac and cheese? Are you sure about this? I'm literally positive. If you're still kind of skeptical about the idea of it, just trust me, because vegan mac and cheese will change your life within the first bite. These five mac and cheese recipes are the perfect side dish for any Friendsgiving party, whether you're vegan or not. They'll be a hit with every friend at the party, so much that your guests will be craving more helpings. Read on for all of the amazing recipes, but you've been warned: Major food envy and drooling lie ahead. Brace yourselves.

Avocado Mac And Cheese
LoveHealthOK on YouTube

I don't know about your circle of friends, but in mine, you literally cannot go wrong with anything that has avocado in it. It's like pure gold; everyone loves it, and everyone cannot get enough of it.

Green mac and cheese may not look like a typical mac and cheese dish, but I'm positive this recipe will be a party hit, anyway. Who knows? Maybe this vegan-friendly green mac and cheese will be your newest Friendsgiving tradition. You'll only know if you give it a try!

Bring On The Spice With These Vegan Mac And Cheese Balls
Veggie Rose on YouTube

You can't really go wrong with mac and cheese from the start, but a little frying can never hurt. These vegan mac and cheese balls can be made with or without Sriracha, and they're easy enough to put together that you can make enough for all of your guests. No one will be able to tell they're vegan, and they'll be too busy eating to even ask. And as for all of your vegan guests, they will certainly be loving these delectable bites.

Vegan Mac And Cheese Grilled Cheese
Veggie Rose on YouTube

Is watching this tutorial making anyone else insanely hungry, or is that just me? The two best foods in the entire world, obviously, are mac and cheese and grilled cheese, so the next most sensible move would be to combine the two. This recipe does just that, and it does it perfectly. Who needs formal stuffing and turkey when you can make a game-changer like this? We're seriously sold.

Creamy AF Vegan Pumpkin Mac And Cheese
Dani Lauren on YouTube

Everything is a little more festive when pumpkin's involved, right? This vegan mac and cheese just seriously stepped up its game, and I'm here for it.

This festive twist on the classic dish is perfect for the season, and it's not too much more difficult than any other vegan mac and cheese dish. It's the perfect addition to your Friendsgiving in every way.

Vegan Mac And Cheese With A Cashew Twist
hot for food on YouTube

A good old regular mac and cheese will never let you down, and this dish is no different. It's made with cashews, non-dairy milk, sunflower oil, tomato paste, and a few other ingredients.

The kicker to this dish is that it's baked to crispy, cheesy perfection. For real though, can we also just take a second to admire the beauty of that golden brown top? Flawless mac and cheese execution, and we're truly in love. BRB, going to make this.