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Going On A Date With A Leo? Here Are 5 Topics To Talk About


A date with outgoing, charismatic Leo is a guaranteed good time. This sign can talk up a storm and keep you entertained all night long. But just as much as they love being the center of your attention, they're also looking for someone who can capture theirs. Don your best 'fit, bring your A-game, and come with conversation topics in mind. When thinking about what to talk to a Leo about on a date, prioritize appealing to their love of beauty, culture, and drama. You'll be golden, trust.

One of the main reasons you swiped right on this (fire)ball of energy is likely their boisterous personality. Fire-sign Leo is one of the most fun signs in the zodiac, and matching their energy is half the battle. If you can nod enthusiastically and give them your undivided attention, you're on the right track. For best results, steer the conversation toward the following five topics. If you can dive into themes that both you and your lion-born date are interested in, you'll be able to feed their need for attention without faking your interest one bit. Here are a few key subjects that will spark successful conversation on your date with Leo.

Make It Fashion
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If their dating app photos or Insta feed didn't tip you off, allow me: Leo is coming to your date dressed to flex. Along with questions about your favorite piece of their date-night outfit, ask them things like, "Where do you like to shop?", "Who are your style icons?", and, "What's one trend you're absolutely tired of?" Get Leo heated about the Yeezy x GAP collab, or the hype around inclusive brands, and you'll be talking all night long.

For The Culture

Leo is always in the know because they love gossip and have an opinion about everything. Talking about this year's Oscar snubs or the TikTok drama du jour won't hurt one bit. You can also ask them questions like, "What artists do you listen to the most?", and, "What are the best and worst concert experiences you've ever had?"

As Long As We Got Love
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Leo's charisma obviously reeled you in because this sign is far from shy. Respectfully and gently ask your date some spicy questions about sex and love. Discussing your best and worst kisses, or why their last relationship ended will for sure break the ice.

Down In The DMs

Again, Leo prides themselves on having their finger on the pulse of trends. They're also a little vain, so chances are, they take social media seriously. If you're well-versed in internet fodder, pick their brain and take notes. Some questions to ask include, "What's your favorite meme right now?", "Do you think the U.S. should ban TikTok?", and, "Who's your favorite person to follow on Twitter?"

Baecation, Anyone?
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Like their fellow fire sign Sagittarius, Leo is always up for a good adventure. Nothing will be cuter than watching their eyes light up as they recount their first trip out of the country, or the time they got lost in a national park. Ask them which city feels like a second home, and about their favorite funniest, most embarrassing travel story. Giving Leo an opportunity to gush about travel (and talk about themselves, no shade) will help them catch more than just flights.

Whether it's internet beef, reality TV drama, the stamps in their passport, or their sexual and romantic desires, you better believe a date-night conversation with Leo will be far from boring.