5 Women Reveal The 1 Thing They Do Before A Date To Feel Confident AF
by Jamie Kravitz

Getting ready for a date comes with a whirlwind of emotions. There are nerves, excitement, anticipation, and so much more. In an effort to calm those pre-date jitters and leave for your date feeling like a million bucks, you probably have your getting ready ritual down pat. Whether you primp and polish every inch of your body or you prefer to chill out and read magazines before heading out on the town, you likely have a go-to activity that helps you feel confident AF. If you're looking to revive your routine, these five tips for getting ready for a date might be just what you need.

I spoke to five real women about how they prefer to prepare for a date. Each one shared a getting-ready trick that she swears by, and while they are all simple enough to implement on your own, these tips are also surprisingly effective.

Maybe it's your first date with someone from a dating app, or maybe this particular dinner feels like the perfect opportunity to finally DTR with someone you've been seeing. No matter the occasion, the next time you have a big date to look forward to, why not try out some of these tactics?

Spend time making yourself feel beautiful.
Before a date I try to basically groom everything even if there's no chance of my date noticing, just because knowing that I'm at my best physically makes me feel more confident. That might mean doing a face mask, bleaching my arm hair or shaving 'down there,' maybe even brushing my teeth with baking soda so they look whiter. Basically going that extra mile in my beauty routine to mark the occasion. I also think it's a form of respect, not to look good but to take the date seriously. I like knowing I'm giving the person the time of day.

— Iris, 23

Listen to music that hypes you up.
To get myself in a good mood, I'll listen to pump-up jams when I get ready. And don't forget a fierce lip color.

— Sandra*, 23

Wear clothes you feel comfortable in.
Mascara! And comfy clothes. I believe that when I'm comfortable with what I'm wearing, I'm more relaxed and happy, which goes well on a date.

— Orly, 23

Brush your teeth.
About an hour before a date, I'm instantly butterflies-up-to-my-throat nervous. To combat those anxieties, I brush my teeth. The mint flavor tranquilizes me, and it's a no-fail way to feel refreshed and ready to smile and flirt with the guy I'm seeing.

— Lindsay, 23

Have a drink and talk to your BFFs.
While I'm getting ready, I need to have a few drinks while on FaceTime with my best friends so they can hype me up.

— Erin, 23

You can't force chemistry between you and your date, and you have no control over how loud or crowded the bar you're meeting at will be. All you can do is go into a date with an open mind and a confident attitude. Luckily, these five tips can help you get in the right mindset so you can do just that.

*Name has been changed.

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