5 Golden Times You & Your Cuz Got Into Trouble As Kids That Still Make You LOL

by Tessa Harvey

When you're with your cousin, you're bound to get into some sort of hilarious shenanigans, no matter where you're at in life. You know each other all too well, and you really wouldn't have it any other way. Being a little adventurous and spontaneous is simply in the DNA of your friendship. As adults, you know when you've gone far enough in your shenanigans. But the times you got into trouble with your cousin when you were kids, you always took things just a little too far. (Far enough to get your parents or grandparents on your case, at least.)

When you were kids, you never really learned your lesson the first time. (Or the second time, for that matter.) So naturally, you did it again, and again, and again. The mistakes you made as kids became pretty legendary stories once you grew up. And as much as you paid for your mischief back then, you're reaping the benefits now — because all of the stories are so golden.

You might not be able to remember the reasoning behind all of your childhood mischief, but all of those memories make you LOL. These five times you definitely got in trouble as a kid with your cousin will live on forever.

Getting In Trouble At Grandma's

You and your cousin have always been Grandma's top fans. Seriously though, she is the real MVP. You're eternally grateful of her endless love, amazing traditions, and homemade chocolate chip cookies. But if there's anything you still laugh about from the time you were kids, it's getting in trouble at Grandma's house. Oops!

Whether you were biking outside of neighborhood limits, stealing another cookie from the pan after you'd maxed-out the grandma-enforced limit, or running in the house with your shoes on, you were bound to be discovered. And then, bound to be lectured.... which is so hilarious looking back on it all.

When You'd Hide At Family Reunions

As an adult, I love family reunions. They can actually be pretty fun. You only see the majority of these relatives a couple times a year, and the rest of the time, you keep up with their lives from afar on social media and via text.

But when you were a kid, family reunions were kind of the worst. You didn't know the names of a bunch of these relatives (again, because you see them once a year), and they're all gushing about how much older you look, and asking, "Do you remember me?" SOS!

You and your cousin would just sneak away to a newly-discovered hidden gem and carry the essential snacks there throughout the day. (That is, until your parents saw what you were doing.)

Breaking Out The Girl Band

I'm convinced that at some point in everyone's childhood, they're convinced they're going to be the lead singer of a famous band. For my cousin and I, that was all of elementary school. The Cheetah Girls spoke to us on another level, and we wanted to be just like them. It got to the point where we coordinated our birthday gifts to assemble instruments for our very own girl band.

Of course, breaking out said instruments to play your first single during family dinner is a surefire sign your parents will yell at you. It's the quickest way to Mom and Dad lecturing you about sitting down at the table during dinner time.

Sneaking Off On Family Vacations

Family vacations are fun and all, but there's no pretending that the best part was always hanging out with your cuz. That's why, when the opportunity presented itself, the two of you were quick to find your own sources of entertainment. Let's just say, Mom probably didn't like it very much that you two blew off dinner and went to play volleyball in the pool instead.

Trying To Hide In Each Other's Family Minivan

The sad part about being friends with your cousin as a kid always was the distance. You only saw each other when your families were together, and though that happened several times a month, it wasn't like you saw each other on the regular at school. The struggle was all too real, and it made saying goodbye much more difficult. Naturally, you came up with (what you thought was) an epic solution.

I can't even count the number of times my cousin and I would try to hide in each other's family minivan. I'm still not sure what we thought would happen — would they arrive home with both of us and just say, "Oh, well, she can stay?" Doubt it. Either way, we never got away with it for long.