Make Sure You're Doing These 5 Things Before Your Workout If You Want More Energy

by Georgina Berbari

You can be the world's number-one fitness enthusiast, and yet, some days, finding the energy to work out can still be a major struggle. You get home from work, the couch looks far too alluring, and before you know it, all that motivation you had earlier in the day goes right out the window. If you know there are times when you feel a bit sluggish and unmotivated going into your sweat sessions, there are plenty of things you can do before a workout for more energy and enthusiasm.

Sure, you can drag yourself to the gym, a fitness class, or even begrudgingly do an at-home workout with virtually no energy, simply going through the motions for the sake of checking it off your to-do list. TBH, though, that'll likely lead to a pretty sh*tty workout that'll leave you feeling weak, tired, and counting the minutes until it's over.

Personally, when I'm in a funk and majorly lacking energy for my planned sweat sesh, I find that jamming out to some uplifting beats gets me in the zone. However, there are a few more, super simple things you can do to amp up your energy and absolutely slay the game during your next workout. Here are five ways to get your energy levels up, just in time for your workout.

Fuel Up Properly

Combining complex carbohydrates with healthy fats and protein for a pre-workout snack is a great way to boost your energy and provide your body with the nutrients and fuel it needs to perform its best.

The amount that you eat before your workout is totally up to you and where your hunger levels are at. But if you're not sure how long you should wait in between eating and working out to allow enough time for digestion, a good rule of thumb is to wait about an hour to exercise after a snack, and roughly two to three hours after a heartier meal, according to PopSugar.

Some examples of energizing, pre-workout snacks are yogurt and granola, peanut butter toast, or an apple with almond butter. Get it all in my belly ASAP.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

If you want to stay energized and focused throughout the duration of your sweat sesh, staying properly hydrated is key, my friends.

When you work out, your body often loses a lot of water through sweat, so if you're dehydrated from the get-go, there's no way you'll have enough energy to achieve all your #GymGoals.

According to celebrity trainer Jay Cardiello, it's easier to understand how important this is if you think of your body like an actual machine. He told SELF,

Just look at the parallels between oil in a car and water in a body—a car can’t run without car, a body can't run without water.

Try to carry a big water bottle with you wherever you go, to remind yourself to drink consistently throughout the day. Pretty soon, your energy levels will soar.

Throw On An Outfit That Makes You Feel Confident AF

You know how you "dress for success" when you have an important job interview or event? Well, the same goes for pumping yourself up before a workout, girl.

According to a 2012 study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, the clothing you wear actually influences your overall attitude and behavior, which in turn affects how you act. In other words, if you put on your favorite pair of leggings, and that sports bra that holds the girls in and makes them look amazing, you'll feel confident enough to conquer every single part of your workout with ease.

Make A Killer Playlist

Honestly, one of my favorite parts of planning a workout is making a playlist that I know is going to make my mood soar through the roof. What's cool is that the instant energy boost isn't all in my head: Research shows that turning on your favorite tunes before you sweat it out reduces feelings of fatigue, and allows you to push your limits and challenge yourself even more than without those beats bumpin' in the background.

Music affects your workout and energy levels in the best way possible, friends, so put together some of your favorite songs, pop those earbuds in, and get ready to make some major #gains.

Stretch It Out

Stretching before your workout gets your blood pumping, and indicates to your body that you're about to get some movement in, waking up your muscles like a natural shot of espresso.

But, according to Greatist, dynamic stretching warm-ups are a lot more effective than static stretching before your sweat sesh. This is because, unlike static stretching, you're constantly in motion during dynamic stretching, so any signs of fatigue will be squashed when you start moving that bod.

Dynamic stretches, including moves like hip circles, butt kicks, and walking lunges, will warm up your body and get your muscles and mind ready for action.