5 Signs Your Partner’s Friends Think You’re Amazing & Completely #RelationshipGoals

It's natural to want your partner's friends to be a fan of you. It'll just make life so much easier for the two of you if you all get along (which is honestly the bare minimum), and even better if they actually enjoy seeing you. There are a few signs your boyfriend or girlfriend’s friends like you which will only help your relationship.

I've been with someone in the past where I didn't necessarily love all of his closest friends and they weren't the warmest to me, either. It made things awkward in group situations — they'd default to talking about things they had in common, which unfortunately would usually exclude me from the conversation. After that relationship ended, I knew I'd much prefer to find someone whose friends I not only got along with, but actually befriended. From that relationship, I actually became friends with one of his friends that I am still close with to this dayand I am so glad I have her in my life. We bonded over our mutual love for One Direction immediately, and she and I even saw Harry Styles in concert this past September. Sometimes, and I am evidence of this, being friends with your partner's friends can even outlive that relationship. But more on that later. Here are some signs your partner's friends actually dig you as a person, too.

They want to hang out with you sans your partner.

Not in like, a creepy way, of course. [<-- Can cut] One of the biggest signs your partner's friends actually enjoy you as a person and think you're cool is if they want to spend their own free time with you. This shows they aren't making niceties with you just to be courteous to your partner and their friend, but they actually enjoy you as a human, too. If they schedule time to hang out just the two of you, you know you're in a good place with that person.

They follow you on social media.

Hey, maybe you guys live in different cities, or maybe they're ridiculously busy. Just because you don't hang out all the time IRL doesn't mean they don't approve of you. So if they follow you on social media and like your posts, that can definitely be a sign they approve and are OK with the relationship between you and their friend.

When you're with them, conversation goes beyond just small talk.

They're not just asking you about your major in college, latest internship, or job, but you actually bond over deeper things in your life. When they see you, it's not just a quick hug or 'hello,' but a conversation because you actually want to talk. Even if they're not the chatty type, if they show they remember a show you both watch and you talk about that when you see one another, that can be a sign they're a fan of you.

They want to double date.

If your partner's friends are also in relationships and want you to also hang out with their partner as well, it seems like they naturally want everyone to be friends. They wouldn't bring their own partner into the equation if they didn't genuinely want everyone to spend time together – they could just go off on their own exclusive dates if they didn't want to spend time with you, too.

They call you a friend, too.

If they introduce you to people at parties or events as their friend too, it's more than obvious that they consider you as someone in their circle. Even if you and your partner do ever break up, you may have gained a new friend (or a few!) from the relationship, which is definitely a silver lining.

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