5 Texts To Send Your Hookup Buddy On Valentine's Day That Are Sexy, Not Romantic

If you've got a bae on Valentine's Day, then maybe you'll get lucky and have a nice night. For the rest of the population, though, Valentine's Day is a pretty tricky day to navigate, especially if you're seeing someone casually. If you decide you want to reach out to your hookup buddy on V-Day, but don't want them to get things twisted, you're going to have to come up with some sexy texts to send your hookup buddy.

The dilemma of whether or not to text your hookup on Valentine's Day isn't always as straightforward as it seems. Some people insist that to avoid confusion about the status of the "relationship," it's always best to err on the side of strictly business, so to speak. But of course, anyone who's had a couple of casual relationships knows that as you get to know someone, following standard hookup protocol — you know, all benefits, no actual friendship — can kind of feel like a jerk move. If you're going to text your hookup buddy on Valentine's Day, your message needs to sound sexy, not serious.

1. "Happy Valentine's Day! DTF?"

It's polite and to the point. When texting a hookup, it's almost always a good idea to be as transparent as possible with your intentions. And while every casual relationship might have a slightly different set of "rules" — some people expect to be taken on a date, while others expect a drink at a bar near one of your places — it's generally best to stick to your usual hookup routine. Unless you have genuine romantic interest, suggesting you get dinner on Valentine's Day when you usually just meet-up and bang could lead to confusion later down the line.

2. "Sex > Love. Are you free tonight?"

Being direct never hurt nobody. If love definitely isn't in the air for you and your casual fling, your meet-ups are purely sex-driven, and you know that they know that, then feel free to cut to the chase.

3. "Do you have a valentine? If not we could meet up and play pretend ;)"

Because sometimes the most annoying part about Valentine's Day is simply not having the overrated (but still sweet) experience of being one half of a couple. Assuming you don't know if they have a date, then this text is a great way to keep the exchange direct. Think your hookup buddy might also be down for a night of circumstantial romance — or even some role play? Then why not?

4. "All of the love in the air is really turning me on, wanna come over?"

If your goal is to loosely acknowledge that it is indeed Valentine's Day and you are very obviously just trying to get laid, then this text paired with a clever emoji cluster (rose, eggplant, heart eyes?) should do the trick. But beware, if you suspect your hookup buddy might secretly want more, then this text could end up being a bit too aloof.

5. "Happy Valentine's Day! I can't stop thinking about what you'd look like in some red lingerie/boxers ;)"

This one is my personal fave. If the person your banging has become a friend and you don't want to come off as being too detached, this message is a solid choice. It's playful, lets the recipient know you're DTF, but leaves the ball in their court — you're not directly asking them to come over, so the risk for rejection is low.

Just because it's Valentine's Day doesn't mean that all of you sexy singles can't have some fun too. As long as both of you can be honest about what you're needs are and avoid getting caught up in the implications of V-Day, then you should be good to go.

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