These 5 Sex Positions Apparently Make Getting Pregnant Easier, So Never Do Them, Basically

Sex is awesome. Getting pregnant unintentionally... yeah, not so much. Which is why it’s so important to know everything you can about how to prevent yourself from getting pregnant until you're ready, including taking birth control and knowing if there are specific sex positions to get pregnant (or, at the very least, increase your chances). I mean, the more you know, right?

Wait — there are some positions that actually increase your likelihood of getting pregnant, or make it easier for that to happen? The answer is, sort of. While any position that results in your partner ejaculating into (or even sometimes near) your vulva can mean you end up with a pregnancy, some are just better at getting the job done because of three factors: depth, angle, and gravity. Basically, the theory goes: The better a position is at putting the sperm near your cervix and keeping it there, the more likely you will be a baby mama, according to Parents. However, "there's no scientific data on that, though," Kelly Pagidas, M.D., a fertility specialist with Women & Infants Center for Reproduction and Infertility in Providence and an associate professor at Brown Alpert Medical School, told Parents.

Regardless, right about now, you’re probably thinking, “Oh my god, what are these positions?” so you can avoid them and go along your merry humping way. Well, here’s the bad news: These are probably all of your go-to favorites. That doesn't mean you have to stop doing them — this is, after all, just a theory — but if you are a bit spooked, just make sure your birth control game is lit.

1. Doggystyle Position

Everyone loves doggy, thanks to the deep penetration it provides. Unfortunately, what makes it so fun is also what makes it such a great way to get pregnant (in theory). All that deep penetration is actually putting the penis exactly where it needs to be to deposit the sperm right outside your cervix, according to While I’m not saying doggy is officially off the menu, just make sure to take appropriate precautions.

2. Missionary Position

Turns out, this old standby is a great way to make a baby. That’s because in this position, your vagina is tilted downward toward the cervix, which creates a great path for the sperm to reach the cervix and uterus, according to Parents. While this doesn't mean you'll absolutely get pregnant from missionary, it's good to at least know what's happening in your body. And all the advice you’ve probably read about how putting a pillow under your hips to change the angle and allow more clitoral stimulation in missionary is true — but also know that this increase in the tilt of your V actually makes this an even more potent position.

3. Your Legs On His Shoulders

This position is hot because it’s super primal, and it also gives you easy access for clitoral stimulation. Which is why I’m sad to say that yep, this one, theoretically, is another great position for potential baby-making. That’s because you get the deep penetration of doggy, the tilt of missionary, and the added factor of gravity helping to get that sperm as close to the cervix as possible, as quickly as possible. (And doing so means a higher success rate of pregnancy.)

4. Reverse Cowgirl Position

No! Say it ain’t so. Reverse cowgirl, too? Yep, ‘fraid so. If your gyno has ever told you you have a tipped or retroverted uterus, this spin on regular old cowgirl actually creates the perfect angle of penetration for the sperm to reach your cervix.

5. Spooning Position

Oh god, spooning? Really? But spooning is the best! Yes, spooning, like reverse cowgirl, has your partner penetrate you from behind, which gives you that great 90-degree angle that allows the penis to line up perfectly with the cervix opening. Add the deep penetration this position provides, and spooning becomes a great way to start a family, if you know what I'm sayin'.

OK, after all that bad news, this is the part where I remind you that none of these positions will automatically result in pregnancy. Everyone is different, and every body is different. Are these positions proven to get you pregnant? No. But should you still be armed with all the info. out there before you get it on? Yes. And every time you have sex, make sure you're using one or more forms of birth control like the Pill or an IUD and of course, condoms, if you're not trying to get pregnant.

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