5 Sex Moves For Beginners That Really Aren't As Scary As They Look

When you first start having sex, things can be a bit awkward. Sure, you have a pretty clear idea of what goes where, but putting it all together and getting in sync with your partner can take a bit of practice (and likely a fair bit of laughter). But hey, that’s half the fun, right? So when it comes time to shake it up a little bit and try out some new, more adventurous sex positions for beginners, after a quick look around the internet, the advice can get intimidating, fast. Like seriously, do people do... that?

Don't worry, though. Just because you aren't a master yogi, doesn't mean you are doomed to a life of missionary position on repeat. There are plenty of positions to add to your sexy time repertoire that aren't nearly as awkward or challenging as they seem at first, but are still spicy AF. Not only will these positions help you break out of your routine, but they've been carefully chosen for their orgasmic potential. Sounds good, right? No doubt you're eager to get started on this new sexual adventure. So, grab your partner and give these new, highly pleasurable, but none too difficult to achieve, positions a shot tonight.

You're welcome in advance.

1. The Sexy Scissors Position

To get into the Sexy Scissors position, you’ll need a desk, tabletop, or fairly high bed to lie down on — basically anything that will allow the receiving partner to line up with the penetrating partner's hips. Lie back, facing up, with your legs on your partner's shoulders. Once they have entered you, bring your legs together and cross them at the ankles. Your partner can then cross and uncross them while they penetrate you.

2. The High Dive Position

You begin this position by having your partner lie flat on their back. Straddle your partner as you allow them to penetrate you. Then, carefully bring your legs together, so they are resting straight on top of your partner's behind you. Your partner can then gently push you up so that your back is slightly arched, and your chest and stomach are lifted off their body. Tuck your toes over theirs for leverage and begin gently rocking up and down.

3. Splitting The Bamboo Position

If you’re looking for deeper penetration with your new positions, then look no further than the Splitting the Bamboo. To assume this position, lie down on your back and lift one leg up. The penetrating partner can then kneel with their legs on either side of your bottom one and then slide in to enter you. You can rest your raised leg on your partner's shoulder, and they can also use it for leverage to increase the depth of penetration even more.

4. The Reverse Cowgirl Position

This position is a classic, but it can still be a bit intimidating for beginners. Time to let go of any apprehension and ride 'em, cowgirl. To get into this position, have the penetrating partner lie on their back. The receiving partner then straddles them, facing away from their partner. Grind as you normally would in standard cowgirl position, but with a whole new view of the world.

5 . The Sphinx Position

There is nothing mysterious about why you are going to want to try The Sphinx position. If you’re a fan of doggy, but you want even more penetration, this is about to become your go-to move. To achieve the Sphinx, lie on your stomach and use your forearms to support you so that you can gently arch your back. Bend one knee upward and open to the side, while leaving the other outstretched behind you. Your partner can then slide up between your legs and penetrate you from behind. Legendary stuff.

See? Mixing it up doesn't have to be so scary after all. Unless, of course, you mean scary good. Be safe, have fun, and send me all your mental high fives.

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