5 Sex Moves To Try On A Bike Ride That Are Wheely, Wheely Hot

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Summer dates are so wholesome and fun. You can wander around farmers' markets or haul your bikes to a local trail. When you're both looking cute AF in your summer outfits and the sun is hitting your hair in the best way, things can heat up quickly — if you know what I mean. You might find also yourself on a bike ride with bae this summer and if things start to get intense, there are a surprising amount of sex moves to try on a bike. Sometimes, the mood to get frisky with your bae hits at the most random times, and you should totally follow that calling — as long as you know that you won't be seen by other bikers on the trail.

These bike sex moves are all about making sure you retain your balance and discretion. Sometimes, slipping a hand into the other's pants during a make out can be majorly hot. Don't forget about the fact that bike seats can be super stimulating to a person with a clitoris! Ultimately, you can just follow the vibe of the hookup and see what happens.

If you're really feeling it, no need to pack a picnic blanket — here are five sex moves to try on a bike ride this summer.

The Hot Seat

OK, bike seats can be an awesome asset if you're hooking up on your summer bike ride. Consider trying to make out while one of you is still sitting on the bike and other stands. This way, the standing person can help the person on the bike keep their balance and stay stimulated. The person sitting can grind up on the seat if they're interested in heating things up.

Pump Those Breaks

IMHO, the best way to hook up on a bike ride is to halt the breaks and find a private place to make out. You can also park your bikes strategically in front of you, so that you're shielded slightly from the path that you were riding on.

The HAND-le Bars

You can definitely give a very good hand job during a bike ride pit stop. The best way to do this is by pulling both bikes up next to each other, so one or both of you can slip your hands into each other's pants. The closeness of your bodies and the bikes can create a slight cover for what's going on. It's probably best to do this where people won't be riding by, or even next to a wall or tree, so that you don't fall over.

The Tandem Bicycle

This move is for those that are really interested in using their bike to the best of their ability. A person with a penis should sit on the handlebars of the bike, and the other person can stand on the bike as if they were about to sit on the seat and perform oral sex on their partner on the handlebars. Just make sure you have a solid handle on your balance!

Pop A Wheely

If you're feeling really ambitious and confident that you have privacy, you can go the full monte on your bike ride hookup. One person should sit on their bike like normal or lean against it, and the other can go down on them. The person receiving the head can hold on to the bike handlebars for extra support.

Ultimately, there are so many ways to be creative about a hookup, especially if you're really feeling the heat of the moment. If you're so compelled to do any of these on a bike ride, you must be having a wheely good time.

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