5 Sex Moves To Try In The Car, So Go For A Spin

Hooking up in places that require a certain level of creativity can be really hot. This is especially true for car sex. When it comes to sneaky hookups, car sex has it all: privacy, mobility, and semi-soundproof space. Don't get me wrong — cars are mad small compared to your typical bed or couch, but there are definitely some great sex moves to try in a car. The trick to having good car sex (and not seatbelt-buckle-digging-into-your-hip car sex) is to consider you options and positions before you get started.

There can be something super fun about hooking up in unconventional spaces. The thrill of going for it before you even get out of the car can be freaking hot. Just make sure you don't, you know, crush your carton of eggs in the process. However, sometimes the key to car sex lies in lots and lots of foreplay. Take your time and tease the action, while keeping your partner(s) at bay. Never underestimate the power of a fully-clothed make out sesh that can really inspire some incredible sex once you finally make it into your house.

Keep reading on for five sex moves to try in your car that will really rev up your engine.

The Ride Or Die

Alright, folks, this is not for anyone who considers themselves a beginner — it's for the more veteran fans of car hookups. This technically doesn't happen in your car at all. This is for those summer nights when you're driving around as the sun sets or heading towards a campsite.

I don't know if you remember that hot AF scene in Transformers when Megan Fox opens the hood of her car. That's not the move — I just wanted to call attention to how hot it is.

The move is tangential to Megan Fox bending over a car with the hood lifted. You should bend over your car and get busy in a very private place. If that doesn't work, you could always try again, hidden in your own garage, once the car is parked.

The Backseat Driver

This is may have been my most utilized move in high school, when the only place I hooked up with people was in my car because I was desperate for some privacy.

Basically, if you and your crush are making out with no end in sight, make the decision to both get in the back seat. This is perfect for a make out session, where one of you lies down on the seat, and the other person is on top. You can also slide the front seats of the car forward, to create more room overall.

If you want to get really creative, one of you can kneel on the floor of the car and give the person sitting on the seat some great head.

The Stickshift

This is for those who don't necessarily want to fumble around in the backseat amongst the seatbelt buckles and the random stuff that may have accumulated.

Basically, all you have to do is give the other person a hand job from your respective seat in the car. Your partner can make a ton of noise, since cars are decently soundproof.

It's hottest if one person does all of the work and the other focuses on enjoying it.

Junk In The Trunk

If you're out of options for a full on hookup, you'll want to make the most of your privacy, even if it's in a car.

The best way to do a full-on penetrative position in a car is if the penetrated partner positions themselves kneeling in front of the center console (with their knees on the floor in front of the backseats). Then, the other partner can come in and penetrate them from behind by kneeling on the backseats.

This takes some coordination and communication, so if you don't get it immediately, don't get frustrated. You can start with backseat foreplay and see if you can finesse into this position in the process.

The Spare Tire: Road Head Edition

This is for those of you who are interested in a classic car hookup situation.

To do this move, you can either work your magic by leaning over to your crush's seat or pushing the passenger seat all the way back and getting in on the same side. Then, you can give the best head of your life, while they sit pretty with a great view.

Make sure they reciprocate!

Even if your location options for hooking up are limited, as long as you're willing to get creative, there are endless possibilities. In these situations, it's always helpful to remember that penetration is not the only way you can have sex or be sexually intimate. It's all about communication, imagination, and in this case, having a ton of fuel in your engine.