5 Romantic Things To Do On A First Date If You're A Real Sucker For Love

First dates are honestly the best. Sure, they can be a bit anxiety-filled or awkward if there isn't much chemistry, but with the right person, they can turn out to be totally electrifying, leaving you both wondering WTF just happened. And if you're really feeling a spark, thinking of some romantic things to do while on that first date — once you realize there's definite mutual interest — has the power to turn a good first date into a night to remember. In my opinion, the key to making your date swoon is less about what you do and more about the timing. Seizing the perfect moment when the romantic energy is at its peak is key.

Although I'm usually a proponent of letting the moment decide what the perfect move to make is — like when a date somehow managed to drunkenly swipe an entire bouquet of roses from a bodega and my then-18-year-old self was totally into the spontaneity of it all (though, I don't encourage thievery) — it's never a bad idea to have a (legal) move or two in your back pocket to whip out when the moment's right. If you're unsure of what to do, any of these romantic gestures could be just the thing to get the butterflies stirring.

1. Offer A Hand When Crossing The Street

Though I know there are some people who balk at the thought of PDA even months into a relationship — let alone on a first date — there's something undeniably sweet about being whisked off by the hand by your date that is so romantic. Just don't feel like, once you initiate it, you have to keep them in a hand lock for the rest of the night... because that would be totally awkward.

2. Dedicate A Karaoke Song To Them

For starters, karaoke is a great first date idea in general. It's fun, it's playful, and it's the perfect thing to get your adrenaline pumping. Imagine how adorable it would be if, in your best Elvis voice, you said, "This one goes out to the honey in the poodle sweater." Then, obviously, the crowd would say, "Awww," in unison and cheer, and your date would feel equal parts charmed and embarrassed — mission accomplished.

3. Find An Excuse To Share Food

PSA: Feeding your date a decadent treat could result in major feelings of attachment. Even if you're not planning on taking them to a full-on dinner, going out for a waffle drenched in chocolate can work wonders, my friend.

4. Slow Dance

Because rocking from side to side while pressed against an attractive kind-of stranger is both arousing and cute. It may be a bit tricky to find a date spot that's serving up slow jams, but if heading back to your place is on the agenda, instead of rushing to the finish line (if you know what I mean), why not put on your favorite oldie and show them your slow moves. Not only will it be super romantic, but it will also show them your endearing side.

5. Find Somewhere Private For The First Kiss

Chances are, you can't control the weather, so a romantic run for shelter from a torrential downpour, only to give in and embrace the shitty weather in a lip lock might not be a sure thing. Not to mention, your date probably isn't Spiderman, so they can't hang upside down. We mere mortals will have to settle for a well-timed kiss somewhere romantic and ideally private to lock in the first-date romance.

In the end, knowing the perfect thing to do to woo a first date isn't always easy, but the worst thing you could do would be to try and force a moment that isn't there. Remember, just about anything can be romantic if the timing is right, so focus less on the gesture and more on staying in the moment with the awesome person you're seeing.

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