5 Travel Tips That'll Put Your Summer Road Trip In An Easy, Breezy State Of Mind

by Ciara Johnson

There is just something special about a classic road trip. Imagine driving down the most scenic roads while listening to music with your best friends. It's easy to forget about the cramped cars and long distances when you're having such a good time with your girls. You don't have to worry about long security lines or flight delays. You can leave whenever you want, and veer off course for a spontaneous adventure if you see a dope spot on the side of the road. Whether you're driving near or far, I've got all of the road trip tips for a dope getaway.

Summer is right around the corner, which means the road is calling. When people think of travel, a flight across the world usually comes to mind — but there are so many benefits to road tripping. You've can be flexible AF, you don't need a lot of time, it's perfect for the girl on a budget, and it's great for bonding. You can load everyone into the car and go wherever the road takes you while singing along to a lit playlist. You can visit a nearby city or drive cross-country. Either way, you're bound to have a good time if you keep these travel tips in mind.

Give Everyone A Role

The ride will go much smoother if you give everyone a role. One person can be in charge of the prep work before you leave, another person can be in charge of directing the driver with maps, and another person can be given the sacred role of handling the aux cord. Nobody wants to be stuck driving the whole time, so you may want to consider giving everyone a shift to keep things fair. Designating roles will ease the load on the entire group, and this will make the trip more enjoyable overall.

Put Safety First

Keep in mind that some roads are long and empty. You might not pass a gas station or store for miles, so you should always be prepared safety-wise.

Don't let your gas tank get too low, because you never know when you'll have the opportunity to fill up again. Take frequent breaks if you feel that you need a stretch. Let someone else take over as the driver if you feel your eyes getting heavy. Don't forget to tell loved ones where you're headed. Like any trip, you'll need to make sure that you put safety first.

Bring All Of The Right Essentials

Imagine fighting over the same charger for the entire ride, or forgetting the auxiliary cord entirely. Create a list to make sure you remember to bring all of the essentials. Bring all of the yummy snacks, an emergency first aid kit, notebooks, iPads, comfy clothes, headphones, and plenty of cash for tolls. Being prepared will make the trip more fun!

Depend On Technology If You Need To

Thanks to technology in 2018, there's an app for all of your road trip needs. Who can read a real map these days, anyway? Download your favorite map app and pin any stops that you'd like to make along the way. Make sure someone in the car has a music app that's available to use offline since you may frequently lose service on the road. You can even download the Roadtrippers app to discover cool sites along your route.

Keep A Positive Attitude

Remember that you won't always feel the most comfortable with being crammed into a car for hours at a time. You could run out of gas or a tire could go flat. In life, things can go wrong, so it's necessary to keep a positive attitude.

Sometimes your friends can get annoying, but you've gotta remember that this is the special time for all of you to bond. Put on your favorite tunes, make up some corny road trip games, and leave room for spontaneity. Preparing with these tips will help make the trip most enjoyable.

Taking a massive road trip can be intimidating, but it could also be the ride of your life. Keep these tips in mind for a summer road trip you'll never forget.