5 Real Reasons To Go To The Women's March Because This Is History In The Making

Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It's been a full year since the first Women's March of 2017, and you might remember it as one of the most inspiring moments of last year, even if you didn't have the opportunity to go. Women all over the world joined together in the wake of President Donald Trump's election to stand up for women's rights in such massive numbers that both the media and our government leaders were forced to take notice. Though it might not feel like much has changed since last year, there are still plenty of reasons to attend the Women's March 2018, even if you're not feeling it this year. And believe me, no one would blame you for not feeling like it.

President Trump has done a lot since then to weaken the position of women in America since his inauguration in January of last year. At least 3.3 million people showed up for the Women's March last year, according to theWashington Post, and since then, the Trump administration has reversed sexual assault guidelines on college campuses, disbanded the White House Council on Women and Girls, rolled back access to birth control, halted rules for equal pay for women and minorities, removed rules for federal contractors to comply with civil rights laws (which prevents sexual assault victims from ever going to court), and pulled back federal protections for transgender students, to name a few.

The momentum in the wake of the Women's March was so powerful, that one major theme in the national conversation was: How do we keep this energy going? Well, this Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018 — a year into the Trump presidency — women again have the chance to prove to our government, our president, and to ourselves that yes, we actually do have the stamina.

So here are a few reasons to attend the Women's March, some of which are from the president himself.

Because You Believe In What This Country Stands For

Do you believe that men and women were created equal and should have their rights to equality protected? Do you want to demand that the aforementioned protections women had in place be given back to women, and refuse to silently accept the fact that they were taken away?

To aid in these goals, the Women's March launched a national voter registration tour to target swing states, new voters, and to engage anyone who has been impacted by the harmful policies put forward this year. Show your support with this initiative and saying that you're not giving up until change happens by attending this year's march.

Because You Want To Show The President What A "Nasty" Woman Really Looks Like

According to a news release published on Variety in 2007, Donald Trump pitched a reality show to Fox called Lady or a Tramp?, in which out-of-control party girls were sent to charm school, because GOD FORBID women try to be anything other than well-behaved purse dogs for men.

I have this feeling that if I ever met Donald Trump, he'd call me a "4," so I've worked really hard on myself this year, and I think I've managed to get that number down to a "2."

I hope he sees me, and I hope I make his eyes bleed.

Because You Demand The Right To Control Your Own Body

If you didn't know, Trump put in place this year a global gag rule that withholds American financial aid from health care organizations worldwide that provide or even mention abortion in family planning. Since the Trump administration hasn't been successful at outlawing abortion in America, it has done every single thing within its power to make it impossible for health care professionals to provide them.

The Women's March has made it clear that one of its core missions is to work towards abortion rights for all women, so showing up to march with this in mind will help strengthen that message.

Betsy DeVos

That's right, the woman who said she supports an increased gun presence in schools, and used the instance of a possible attack of GRIZZLY BEARS to defend her position, is still the secretary of education. Grizzly bears.

If equal access to education for all children (not just the ones whose families can afford private schools) is important to you, the Women's March is the place to exercise your voice. The Women's March has made it clear since the beginning that it does not support Betsy DeVos' mission. If you don't either, show your support by turning up for the march.

Because Women Of All Races And Backgrounds Have A Huge Opportunity To Support Each Other, Now More Than Ever

It's been a long and exhausting year, and with the debate that's been happening among women in the wake of the Aziz Ansari allegations that broke last week (in response, Ansari said "we ended up engaging in sexual activity, which by all indications was completely consensual," of the allegations against him), and the debate of its potentially negative effect on the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, it's time to show the world that even if our opinions differ, we stand with one another.

Women know how to unite in spite of our differences, and in support of each other no matter what those differences might be, because this is f*cking America, ladies, and we love each other. Or at least we're willing to get off the couch and try to.