5 Pink Dunkin' Donuts Drinks That Were Made To Brighten Up Your Instagram Feed

by Collette Reitz

Dunkin' Donuts is a go-to restaurant for your morning pick-me-up and a sweet bite to start your day, but there are so many Dunkin' drinks to discover. More specifically, there are plenty of brightly-colored drinks you should try. Nothing's better than a refreshing sip and a colorful addition to your Instagram Story, right? To help you out with that, here are five pink Dunkin' Donuts drinks.

Of course, a drink doesn't have to be pink to make it picture perfect, but it certainly doesn't hurt. A pink-hued drink also tends to have a delicious fruity flavor, so you're not sacrificing the taste of your sip for a pretty picture. Sometimes the hunt for a perfectly pink drink doesn't always work out, but there is always a worthy substitute to make it work. I can almost guarantee that you'll still rake in the likes if you post a picture of a gorgeous red-colored sip, too.

If you're set on making that drink pink, then I'm sure you can find the perfect filter to give you exactly the hue that you're looking for. Honestly, it doesn't matter if your drink is pink, red, or purple, because any colorful sip is always a welcome addition to the 'Gram.

Cotton Candy Coolatta
kristensurman on Twitter

This colorful drink was new to the Dunkin' Donuts menu as part of the Cosmic Coolatta drinks. The combination of a Cotton Candy Coolatta topped with Blue Raspberry is what gives it the the vibrant pink coloring that you want for your picture-perfect sip. With cotton candy and blue raspberry flavors, it also tastes like summertime in a cup.

Unfortunately, the Cosmic Coolatttas were a seasonal item through the end of May 2018, but I'd ask if they have any Cotton Candy Coolatta on hand at your local DD, just in case.

Strawberry Frozen Lemonade
lucasbourne_ on Twitter

A classic summer flavor and pretty pink hue combine to create this seasonal drink. Luckily, you can enjoy a refreshing Strawberry Frozen Lemonade through the end of summer 2018.

When you order one, you'll get a summer-ready sip that is bursting with flavors of lemon and strawberry. This pretty-in-pink drink is made with real fruit juice, so you know you're in for an authentic taste of summer when you enjoy it. Just don't forget to post all the pink goodness to the 'Gram!

Red Velvet Ice Coffee
kaleyboran on Twitter

The Dunkin' Donuts Red Velvet Latte was a seasonal item at DD about 4 years ago, but it looks like Red Velvet Swirl syrup is what gives the drink a gorgeous rose color, per Serious Eats. The syrup also makes your coffee taste like a delicious dessert, which is a welcome addition to any caffeine boost.

So, if your fav Dunkin' Donuts location has some extra Red Velvet Swirl syrups stowed away, you could add it to your next iced coffee for a colorful secret-menu type drink. It's worth asking to snap that sweet, sweet pic.

Strawberry Coolatta
fatboyfrio on Twitter

OK, this sip might strike you as a red drink at first, but the Strawberry Coolatta can also pass as a part of the fuscia color family, right? I mean, take a look at the deep pink hue and tell me that you wouldn't love to post it on your feed.

Even better news is that the Strawberry Coolatta is a regular menu item, so you can get your frozen pink drink on whenever you want it. Oh, and it tastes like frozen strawberry goodness, so you're not sacrificing flavor for an Instagram post.

Fruited Iced Teas
80shorrorfiim on Twitter

With a name like Fruited Iced Tea, there's a good chance that you'll get a colorful drink. Currently, the sip that combines "freshly brewed iced tea with fruit juice and real fruit" is available in two flavors: Mango Pineapple with Peach & Pineapple and Strawberry with Peach & Pineapple.

I'm no fruit-color genius, but I think that the Strawberry with Peach & Pineapple will give you a pretty pink color to complement the tasty tea.

Now that you know which part of the menu to hit up when you're itching for a pink AF post for the 'Gram, you can quench your thirst and watch the likes roll in on whichever sip you choose.