Many different platforms offer online puzzles you can virtually put together.

You Can Put Together Virtual Puzzles For Free Online


Piecing together a puzzle is a solid way to pass the time, but you might not have an endless supply of puzzles in the game closet. Once you've gone through your personal collection, you can try these online puzzles with so many different options. Get ready to skip the mess and hassle of a regular puzzle in favor of these device-approved offerings that'll have you turning into a puzzle pro in no time.

There are plenty of digital puzzle services that encourage you to explore different images through your smart phone, tablet, or laptop, and the library of virtual jigsaws has only increased as museums and other companies put some of the most iconic images online.

Unlike non-virtual puzzles, you have the option of picking from a variety of sizes, difficulty levels, and number of pieces to customize your experience, and you can change course by closing out your puzzle and choosing a new project whenever you want. The best part is you can save your progress and return to your masterpiece at any point on your device of choice, making it so easy to get your puzzle fix without worrying about cleaning up or finding a place to store your latest project.

From scenic renderings of the most beautiful destinations around the world to renowned artistic paintings, here are some puzzles you'll want to start ASAP.

1. Take A Virtual Trip To Rainbow Mountain In Peru

If you don't have any vacations planned for the near future, you can head on a virtual getaway by completing a puzzle of a bucket list destination like the Rainbow Mountain in Peru. For this puzzle, which is on, you don't have to create an account to get started, and you can choose from puzzles between 20 and 500 pieces and the cut of your choice before you get started.


2. Virtually Visit Havasu Falls In The Grand Canyon

Doing a virtual puzzle is also a great opportunity to satisfy your wanderlust and check out a place you might not be able to visit normally in some detail. This Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon puzzle from Jigsaw Planet is like a virtual getaway. You can even customize your experience by difficulty and share your results with your friends when you're done.

3. Tap Into Your Artistic Side With Van Gogh's Starry Night

Fine Art/Corbis Historical/Getty Images

You can try your hand at Van Gogh's Starry Night or another colorful masterpiece at, which gives you the option to time your puzzles, shuffle pieces, and more. If you want to complete more famous paintings, the Cooper Gallery in Barnsley is currently offering online puzzles of its 17th to 20th century masterpieces. Individuals can take part in challenges, which happen both daily and weekly, and race against each other.

4. Channel Your Inner Tiger King With A Puzzle Of The Wild Cat

While there aren't too many digital puzzles available that allude to current pop culture phenomenons, you can continue the Tiger King hype by piecing together a puzzle of a tiger and sharing it with your friends. Another option is to upload an image of Joe Exotic or a favorite scene from one of the shows you've been binge-watching and make it into a puzzle on a platform like For this option, you'll have to register and make an account.

5. Support Your Favorite Sports Team From Afar

Sports fans can virtually root for their teams of choice by checking out and completing puzzles of some of the team's biggest moments over the years. For example, Sporting Kansas City is offering five 35-piece puzzles on including renderings of the 2013 MLS Cup and the 2017 U.S. Open Cup. You can also search your team in the search box to see if any digital jigsaws come up from users on the site.