5 Nostalgia Gifts For '90s Kids Who Are All That

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Buying the perfect holiday gift for your best friend can be pretty tricky, especially when they deserve the world, but you can only afford, like, a candle. But if your BFF is one of many born in Generation Y, there's no question that they'll love a little nostalgic shoutout under their Christmas tree, with anything from boy bands and neon, to Saturday morning cartoons and sugary cereals. So say "Bye, Bye, Bye" to the pressure of holiday shopping, tap way, way back into the soul of your inner child, check out these 5 nostalgia gifts for '90s kids for the ultimate and "totally tubular" #TBT.

1. Cards Against Humanity '90s Nostalgia Pack

If your '90s-baby bestie, like anyone, enjoys a few (or honestly, like, 20) rounds of Cards Against Humanity, they'll absolutely love this Cards Against Humanity '90s Nostalgia Expansion Pack. Each pack comes with 23 white cards that include answers like, "Patti Mayonnaise" and "Sunny D! Amiright!" as well as 7 black cards with questions including, "Tonight on SNICK: “Are You Afraid of __?” and "Up next on Nickelodeon: “Clarissa Explains __”. So seriously, "take a chill pill;" your BFF will definitely want to play this for hours on end.

2. Lite Brite Magic Screen

Whether you were creating your own neon Picasso or if you were just trying to send your sibs a little taste of light-up passive aggression, you probably had (or wanted) a Lite Brite at some point in time. So, after all these years, if your BFF is still looking to finally get their hands on one of those magic black little screens, look no further than your local Target. This might honestly be one of those gifts you intend on gifting but you end up keeping it for yourself, because I personally have my eye set on this right now.

3. Socker Boppers

Maybe that friend of yours wants to have "more fun than a pillow fight," or maybe they're actually just looking to start a career in boxing. With an undeniably catchy jingle, and those kids who always looked like they were having the time of their lives, a pair of Socker Boppers is, and was, a highly desirable commodity. For those looking to save a pretty penny this holiday season, make sure to check them out on Amazon; they're less than $6 for Prime members, and your pals will be thrilled to finally be able to once again, "sock all day, and bop all night."

4. Lisa Frank Attire

If fashion was truly your passion prior to Y2K, you and your pals most likely had a thing for Lisa Frank. Sporting anything from hot pink lion cubs, to wide-eyed seals and bears wearing clothes and licking lollipops, owning a Lisa Frank t-shirt, notebook or stationary was dire to look "totally rad." Check out Hot Topic for a variety of Lisa Frank t-shirts, sweatshirts, journals, and makeup, because they are a goldmine of those adorable neon animals... even John Mayer wants some.

5. Jelly Shoes


Make literally everyone else you know "jelly," and get your bestie a '90's all-time favorite, a pair of Jelly Shoes. My cousin had a sweet pair of pink sparkly Jelly Shoes, and I'm honestly still a little jelly, to this day. They come in 28 colors on their website (yeah, you heard that correctly), and in 23 different sizes. Your friend will absolutely love that weird plastic feeling and how every step they take is like a tiny little throwback.

So whether your best friend is a gamer, an artist or a fashion enthusiast, their Gen-Y senses will totally tingle with delight with any of these nostalgic faves. Forget those go-to candles or soaps, make sure to check out these throwback options and have a "totally far out" Christmas.

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