5 Nice Texts To Send Someone If You Want To Kindly Reject Their Flirting

by Alison Segel

You ever have someone flirt with you when they're clearly friend zoned? It's pretty annoying. Or what about a co-worker who is taking things a little bit too far in the work Slack? Yeah, no thanks, hard pass to that. I always want to stop behavior like that early, but for some reason, I find it hard to. Like, what are some nice texts to send someone who is hitting on you when you are CLEARLY NOT INTERESTED?

I once had a guy who was in a professional position of power at my job constantly flirt with me. So I sent him an email saying that I was really excited to work together, but I wanted to make it explicitly clear that our relationship would be strictly professional. Setting a boundary was important in order to clearly delineate what our relationship was, and some thick-headed people need to hear it loud and clear. He didn't take it well, and the project we were going to work on together "fell through." (LOL, men, AMIRITE?) But nevertheless, I felt good about setting a boundary, rejecting someone's flirtations, and sticking to my moral code.

So here are some nice texts to send someone if you kindly want to reject their flirting. (Or you can always do it not kindly if it's unwarranted attention, but here's the nice way to do it.)

1. "I'm Just Looking For Friendship Right Now"

If you feel the need to have "the talk," this is one way to do it. But understand that if your friend is harboring feelings for you, the "right now" part could throw them off and leave them hopeful. Additionally, if you start dating someone else, they could perceive that you were lying about only looking for friendship at this stage of your life. It could be best to say you only want a friendship with them.

2. "You're So Great, And I'm Glad We're Friends"

This is a great way to subtly say, "Hey, my dude, I don't like you that way," while still making it very clear that your interests are less than romantic. In fact, they aren't romantic at all!

3. "Let's Just Keep This PG, Pal"

Is your BFF tryna sext with you? Are they getting a little too flirty? Maybe throwing too many compliments your way? Tell them that you want to keep things PG. That should give them the message.

4. "Welcome To The Friend Zone. Population: You"

If you want to or feel like you need to get a little sassy, tell your friend that they've been relegated to the friend zone. There's no confusion when it comes to that.

5. "Aren't You Glad Things Never Got Romantic Between Us?"

If you don't want to take on all the accountability in a "let's just be friends" conversation, speak as if the decision is mutual. This will not only help to ease any awkwardness, but it will also help you actually continue to have a relationship moving forward.

So if you want to reject someone kindly, try using one of these texts. And if they don't respond well to it, then try rejecting them not so kindly. You don't owe anyone anything, and if you're stuck flirting with someone you're not interested in, well, that's some old-fashioned people pleasing that you need to throw out the window ASAP. If someone starts treating you differently because you wont flirt with them or if they don't want to be in your life if they find out you're not attracted to them, then that's not someone you want to be around anyway. Plus, what do you have to lose? One thing I always say is, no one has ever regretted setting a boundary.

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