Where To Order Last-Minute Flowers For Valentine's Day, Because There's Still Time

by Lily Rouff

What's keeping you up at night this February? If the answer is that lovey-dovey holiday Valentine's Day, you're totally not alone. Sure, it sounds sweet and all, but figuring out the perfect gift to express the right level of love can feel like a lot of pressure. I get it. Now, stop stressing and start acting, because, not to make things worse, but we're getting really close to Feb. 14. That's why this year, at this point in the game, go with the simplicity of the age-old, never-fail gift of the heart: flowers. Luck has it that last-minute flower delivery services can still arrive on time if you act quickly.

Why flowers? According to Woman's Day, varieties of flowers have a lot of different meanings, ranging from flirtation, cheerfulness, romance, strength, devotion, friendship, and perfect love. In other words, you don't have to actually be a wordsmith to convey a beautiful message from the heart this year. Plus, flowers are way more fragrant than a card (unless you're Elle Woods).

Of course, flowers can come with a hefty price tag, but keeping that in mind, I've dug up deals that every budget can afford this Valentine's Day. I promise that they'll run you less money (and last longer) than a prix-fixe dinner for two.


At $30, SendFlowers offers a pretty epic value bouquet. The red and white daisy bouquet made up of carnation florals, daisies, mums, green accents, and more looks sweet and is suited for new or old love. The most insane part of this bargain? It comes with the clear glass vase. (Some places charge upwards of $15 for that alone.) Order before 3 p.m. for same-day, last-minute deliveries.


In areas where Prime Now is available, KaBloom can deliver same-day (with an Amazon Prime Membership). Don't have Prime or not in one of the select cities? No sweat. KaBloom can deliver to everyone else next day. The Rainbow Love Roses are pretty far-out for someone a little less traditional. Unfortunately, you'll have to throw in an extra $10 if you want to add in the vase.


This middle-of-the-road option comes with an adorable teddy bear and Godiva chocolates, making it not-so-average. This is like the ultimate Valentine's Day gift, all for $50. A clear vase will cost you $6.99, but for $12.99, you can opt in for a custom photo vase. offers next-day delivery as well.

4. 1-800Flowers

You know how they say "love is eternal"? Well, forget "they/them" and say it yourself with an exclusive ruby-red keepsake vase from According to the site, the vase is "etched with a unique diamond-cut pattern" and "this exquisite design enhances the beauty of each bloom while reminding [them] that, like a diamond, your love is forever." With a small arrangement of pink Asiatic lilies, Peruvian lilies, baby’s breath, spiral eucalyptus, and assorted greenery coming in at $65, I can't say I disagree that this bouquet does indicate a JAY-Z and Beyoncé type love (minus the millions of dollars and all).

Same-day delivery is available if you order before 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, before 1 p.m. on Saturdays, and before 11:30 a.m. on Sundays.


This simple arrangement might seem like a splurge, but there's a worthy reason. offers flowers that are "grown and produced using environmentally sound practices." If you weren't aware yet, saving the environment is majorly sexy. This eco-friendly gift of pretty pink prophyta family roses is available for next-day service when you order by 3 p.m. ET. Add in a glass vase for $12.95.

Feeling like you can finally get some sleep tonight? You should. Sending any of these to the one you love is sure to brighten their special day.

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