You Can Literally Chill With Giraffes At This Hotel, So Book A Trip ASAP

by Ciara Johnson

Are you that girl who nearly cries anytime you see a cute pup? Is your Instagram feed full of adorable animals? I totally feel you. Animals are full of so much love, and they're downright adorable. It feels amazing to come home to snuggle with your doggo after a long day at work. There's also nothing like watching the Big Five in their natural habitat on Discovery Channel. But what about waking up to your favorite animals in the comfort of your own hotel room? There are actually hotels for animal lovers to get up close and personal with some of your favorite animals.

While some of us would prefer more traditional vacations that include museum visits or beachside hangs, others would love the unique opportunity to chill with some of the most incredible animals in the world. Forget going to the zoo or viewing marine life through an aquarium window. You're guaranteed to spot some interesting creatures at these interactive hotels across the world. Imagine waking up to a giant giraffe standing in your bedroom window, or stepping outside of your door to see an elephant pass by. Let's just say you'll never want to stay in a normal hotel again after checking out any of these cool spots.

Giraffe Manor, Kenya
thesafaririch on Twitter

You've probably seen pictures of Giraffe Manor all over your Instagram feed. This hotel in Nairobi, Kenya gives you the unique opportunity to walk with, feed, and even share breakfast with giraffes. Imagine waking up to a bunch of cute giraffes as they stick their head through your hotel room window for treats.

At this hotel, enjoy spectacular sunsets during afternoon tea on the terrace, and go on a guided tour of the sanctuary. Basically, all you need to do is kick back, relax, and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. Don't forget to bring your camera for those Instagram-worthy shots.

Red Mountain Resort, Utah
cathymacd on Twitter

Hotel guests can volunteer with a variety of animals at this hotel in Utah. Red Mountain Resort provides the opportunity to work with horse and dog charities. Guests can take pups from the local animal shelter on a hike through the breathtaking Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, or they can spend several hours connecting with wild mustangs. This hotel is perfect for anyone who loves to give back while enjoying nature.

Azulik Hotel, Tulum
lalabom on Twitter

Believe me when I say you'll never want to leave the Azulik hotel. This treehouse-like hotel in Tulum is a masterpiece in itself. With intricate wooden pathways and bridges, the architecture is unlike anything you've ever seen before.

The hotel sits on the edge of the jungle where you'll feel completely secluded and at peace from the rest of the world. If you stay here between June and October, you may get lucky enough to witness sea turtles laying their eggs on the shore. Sounds like a dream to me.

Lion Sands Game Reserve
Rhino Africa Safaris on YouTube

You can spend "a night under the stars" at Lion Sands Game Reserve. You'll sleep in a lifted treehouse that sits in the middle of the safari, providing you the perfect view of all of the wildlife on the reserve. Get your wishes ready, because you'll likely spy a couple of shooting stars throughout your stay. If a safari ride leaves you begging for more, then this is probably the experience you're looking for.

Lovers Deep Submarine, St. Lucia

This luxurious underwater hotel was made for lovers. According to Luxuo, you'll pay a pretty penny to stay in a submarine with a captain, chef, and butler. Forget your snorkeling and scuba diving gear at home! You can choose to be submerged at the location of your choice to witness out-of-this-world marine life directly from the window of your room.

These hotels are perfect for animal enthusiasts who also want to satisfy their wanderlust. You'll hardly have to leave your doorstep or submarine, for an experience that you'll never forget.