5 Haunted Airbnb Rentals To Stay In, For The Daring Friend Crew

Did you hear that? Maybe not, but Halloween is slowly but surely creeping its way toward us on the calendar, and if you and your friends are dedicated to experiencing some spook, staying a night or two somewhere haunted doesn't intimidate you. Haunted Airbnb rentals actually exist, so you and your friends can pack your bags and daringly book a room, house, or apartment with interesting additional guests.

Airbnb is already an incredibly useful tool if you want to travel, and now it caters to the spook queen in you. Step right into your own haunting experience with your ladies by your side. Friends who scream together, stay together, right? At least extra not-so-invited guests won't cost you any additional fees. They're there to bring the festive spirit on, free of charge.

These haunted rentals are all over the place, so if you guys have your passports, get yourself into an international scaring. There's no exact science to why we like to expose ourselves to scary situations, but we voluntarily seem to do it every year. Staying in a haunted Airbnb with your girls will certainly prove that you've got each other's backs through the thick, the thin, and... the translucent? If you and your girl squad are up for a different kind of sleepover, these Airbnb options are sure to keep you (and the hairs on your neck) up all night.

Parks-Bowman Mansion In New Orleans

The Parks-Bowman Mansion is located in the center of the Garden District in New Orleans. There's a lot of history in New Orleans, and like most places, it's not all rainbows and butterflies. Apparently, only one bedroom in this establishment is labeled "haunted," and it features a balcony that overlooks the city.

The hosts at this mansion seem very inviting, and are willing to educate you on some New Orlean's lore. If you didn't skim the description just yet, you'll read that the ghost inhabiting this place is a "shy" young girl who wears a yellow dress. She is supposedly from the 1890s, but there's no guarantee that you will actually meet her.

Historic Civil War Farm House In Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

When you think of the Civil War, it's hard not to recall Gettysburg. If you're up for a historical haunting, this portion of The David Stewart Farm in Gettysburg was once a civil war field hospital. The host has lived in the residence for more than 30 years and explains that the ghosts (aka your other not-so-living hosts) have been there way longer. Get a story or two from the host or take the small trek to the battlefields. Who knows what else there is to see.

A Haunted Bedroom In Great Dunmow, United Kingdom

What's up with ghosts wanting an entire room to themselves? Apparently, wanting your own space doesn't change once you get to the other side. This particular haunted bedroom at Talliston is an unearthly recreation of a 7-year-old child's room. Dated to the Edwardian era, this setup includes toys and books; if you reserve this specific room, you'll have private access to the rest of the house and the gardens. The hosts also helpfully explain that if you're easily freaked out by dark drapes, mysterious noises, and dimly lit spaces, this place is not for you.

Castle Chateau Pitau In Vidnoye, Russia

Not too far from Moscow, the Castle Chateau Pitau is a great location for groups of people. There are plenty of intriguing features, like the fact that it's a castle with swimming pools, its picturesque terraces, sauna, and a forest at the rear. Now, right smack dab at the top of the description of this enchanting place is a small mention — "with ghost." There's no specification of who or where exactly these ghosts are, but if the host says there's ghost that decides to make an appearance at midnight every week, we believe it.

The Madness Chamber In York, United Kingdom

This house chamber apartment in York is occupied by spirits that will also be residing there with you. In fact, the chamber is more than 600 years old, so who knows how long these "visitors" have been at this location. Enjoy a lavish king-sized bed and stylish decor in a place that overlooks the York Minster. If you're looking for the perfect mix of classy and spooky, this place is right up your alley.

Staying in a haunted location during the spookiest time of year is not only exciting, but it's also a learning experience. We may not know exactly why these ghosts or spirits haven't moved on, but obviously, the places they continue to occupy... are to die for.