5 Couples Costumes Inspired By Dating Apps That Honor The Way You Met

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OK, I'm about to make a big claim here: Halloween is a hella romantic holiday. I really can't think of another occasion when couples costumes are not only welcomed but encouraged. If you're as hot for Halloween as I am, but you're stumped about what costume you should do with your SO, don't fret. Instead, turn to where it all began for some major inspo. Not sure what I'm talking about? Check out these couples costumes inspired by dating apps, which honor the way you met and will likely rouse some laughs amongst friends.

I know what you're thinking, "Zombies? Blood? Vampires? Candy? How does that translate to romance?" Well, you have a point. But is there another holiday so rife with date ideas and chances to dress up in coordinating outfits with your sweetheart? Not exactly. Costumes are one of the best parts of Halloween, IMHO. They're a chance to express your humor and creativity all at once. Granted, I was Napoleon Dynamite for like three years in a row (and I don't really know what that says about me), but it was fun nonetheless.

The following creative costumes will highlight your relationship's origin story in a fun (and funny) way.

If you met on Bumble...

Bumble is known for its unique feature where women are the only folks allowed to send the first message. Men are certainly welcome on the app, but cannot be the first to reach out after matching with a woman. Because of its name and this special feature, you and your boo could consider dressing up as a queen bee and a beehive this Halloween.

You could achieve this look with a yellow and black striped shirt, white wings, and a headband with antenna attached. For a hive outfit, your date could buy a basket that is roughly larger than their body and cut out the bottom. Add some straps to the top and snip some patterns using yellow paper, and it will look like you're dripping with honey.

If you met on OkCupid...

OkCupid is admittedly rife with couples costume ideas. For example, you could simply add "OK" to a white T-shirt with a sharpie or puffy paint. Then, your date can DIY a cupid costume or purchase a pre-made outfit from To create your own cupid outfit, consider a toy bow and arrow, and paired with a white shirt or red dress with hearts on it.

If you met on Hinge...

When it comes to a Hinge-inspired couples costume, it's not hard to hit the nail on the head — doornail, that is. That's right, you and bae could both cut out the shape of a door using cardboard, too, then carry it around for the evening. For the final look, throw on what you're wearing in your profile picture. Make sure you add hinges to your cardboard doors to complete this dating app-themed look.

After all, the word "hinge" evokes the image of "doors opening." It's a sweet costume that can serve a reminder of what was waiting for each of you behind those proverbial doors.

If you met on Tinder...

If you met on the dating app Tinder, your costume options are coming in hot. What better way to strike a chord at a party than with a costume that pairs things that start a fire? You could be kindling and a flame, two matches, or a match and a matchbook.

For the kindling costume, you can get out that hot glue gun and stick a bunch of branches to a brown shirt. As for the flame outfit, your date could wear red pants, an orange shirt, and a yellow ascot or jacket.

If you met on Coffee Meets Bagel...

What more is there to say? This app is honestly optimal for a couples costume. It would honestly be so sweet if one of you dressed as a cup of coffee, while your other half donned a bagel costume. For the coffee cup costume, you could pick up a pre-made piece or create your own by painting a mug on a poster and cutting it out. To dress up as a bagel, you could fabricate it with two circular cut-outs tied together.

There are so many fun activities to try in the days leading up to this spooky holiday. You can get your hands dirty while you carve pumpkins, hunt for costume pieces, and decorate to your heart's content. Think of the fun you and your partner will have when you're painting a giant coffee cup poster or slathering on makeup to make them look like a bee. Whether you dress up in a costume inspired by Tinder or Hinge, sparks are sure to fly.

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