5 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Jon Snow Theories That Will Make You Question Everything

by Ani Bundel

Game of Thrones Season 8 is still nine months away, at minimum, with no sign of any sort of premiere date, footage, or trailers to be seen ahead of the nebulous "2019" release. The longer the wait, the antsier fans get and the wilder the theories become. Most of the theories at this point center around two characters: Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, and King in the North, Jon Snow (who we learned at the end of last season is actually Aegon Targaryen). Most of the Game Of Thrones Season 8 theories come from their relationship and from the discovery of who he is.

Jon Snow's fate has taken on an outsized importance in this final season, ever since he came back from the dead. In the early seasons of the show, when it was far more of an ensemble piece, there didn't seem to be a "Chosen One" character. All the designated "heroes," like Ned and Robb Stark, met ugly ends early on. It wasn't until Jon Snow managed to cheat death that it became clear we would have a lead actor in the series by the time it was done, one whose fate will change Westeros.

Here is a rundown of some of the most plausible theories of what will happen to Jon in the final six episodes.

Jon and Daenerys Will Break Up

The first theory is probably the most straightforward. Jon and Daenerys are on their way to Winterfell, where Bran and Sam are lying in wait with the news that she's no longer the heir to the Iron Throne. When Dany finds out she's prepared her whole life for this role, only to lose it in the 11th hour to a man who knows nothing? The fight will most likely be epic. Jon Snow's not one for fights, either. Chances are he walks out, severing the connection necessary to take down the Night King.

Jon Will Take Rhaegal The Dragon

This is more of a foregone conclusion. After years of speculating who the third dragon rider was, we learned it's the Night King. That leaves two dragons and two Targaryens: Drogon and Rhaegal and Dany and Jon. Dany's already claimed Drogon, which means that Jon will bond with Rhaegal, who will fly the nest to have a rider of his very own.

Jon Will Marry Daenerys When She Gets Pregnant

Fans have been certain since Dany and Jon got down on a boat that the curse on Dany's womb would magically lift. No one knows how or why, though Jon himself pointed out the woman who told her she could never have kids again wasn't exactly a disinterested party.

But the original reason Jon Snow took the black, way back in Season 1, was so he would never sleep with a woman and father a bastard. He feels very strongly about this. When he finds out Dany is with child, he's not going to be able to let her have the child without a husband, no matter how closely related they are. His moral being won't allow it.

Jon Snow Will Die

The rumors have been flying about who is bound for the grave in the final six episodes. Season 7 was remarkably light on the losses, especially compared to Season 6, so fans are terrified that Season 8 will be a bloodbath of Shakespearean proportions. Of all the characters to have a target on their back, one of the most likely seems to be Jon Snow, who already died once and has made it clear if he goes again, he has no desire to come back. Will he sacrifice himself so Westeros can live?

Jon Will Retake The Black

This is my personal favorite because it ties in so many of the subplots that are currently underway.

Jon Snow didn't want to be Lord Commander or King in the North, and he doesn't want to be Lord of the Seven Kingdoms. But he's going to find himself boxed in as those in charge of the different realms will pick him over Dany: Theon in the Iron Islands, Sansa in the north (who will command the Tullys in the Riverlands and Robin Arryn in the Vale), Sam in the Reach, and Gendry in the Stormlands. There's only one way out of being made King, the same path Maester Aemon took 100 years ago, to allow his brother Aegon to become King instead: take himself off the board completely.

The Night's Watch will need a leader, they'll need to rebuild the Wall, they'll need someone who can bring in recruits. My money is on Jon Snow becoming the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch when all is said and done, unable to be with the woman he loves and their child down in King's Landing, ruling over all. Bittersweet ending, right?