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SWEAT & Reebok Are Doing Free At-Home Workouts, So Get Hyped

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Going to the gym isn't always an option, but that doesn't mean you can't get active at home. You can still put on your favorite pair of leggings and sports bra, roll out your yoga mat, and participate in free at-home workouts thanks to today's technology. You can stream live sessions with trainers and reach your fitness goals from the comfort of your living room.

The only catch is you have to make time in your schedule to do so. Some at-home workouts are meant to be done at a certain time, because they bring well-known trainers and people around the world together for an amazing workout. Others require you to pencil out a 45-minute block of time on your own where you can stretch your muscles and practice the yoga poses you've always dreamed of doing. Either way, leaving yourself the time to work out at home will likely make you feel incredibly refreshed and give you the chance to get active after work or over a weekend without leaving your home.

It'll likely make you feel accomplished and happy you made time to stretch it out. That's very important, and these free workouts will help you reach your goals right at home.

Reebok Gym Virtual Classes
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First up is the Reebook Gym Virtual Classes. These classes are hosted and led by Reebok CrossFit ONE trainers and are made for sweating at home. Whether your schedule is super busy or your gym is currently not an option, you can opt into the free classes the brand is posting on YouTube for the workout of your dreams.

Currently, the classes offered Monday through Friday include: "Stay at Home Abs" at 6:30 a.m., "HIIT Yoga" at 9 a.m., "Stay at Home Fitness" at noon, and "Mobility" at 4:30 p.m. There's also a "Stay at Home Fitness" class offered on Saturdays at 9 a.m., and all videos can be accessed at any time via YouTube.

SWEAT's One Month Of Free Access

If you follow a lot of bloggers and influencers on social media, then you've likely heard of the SWEAT app. This app is made for people who are trying to reach their fitness goals and will give you workouts to do at home or at the gym. Typically, this app costs $19.99 a month to use. But, according to press materials from SWEAT, right now new members can access all of the workouts for a month for free.

Don't sleep on this deal and kickstart your fitness goals today by rolling out your yoga mat, pulling out your dumbbells, and downloading this app to your phone.

STRONG by Zumba Workouts

Working out doesn't have to mean that you're lifting weights in the gym or going for a run in your neighborhood. It can also be a music-infused session that'll leave you feeling strong and so fulfilled. STRONG by Zumba workouts on YouTube are a solid place to find and participate in these workouts that'll keep you movin' and groovin'.

Do yourself a favor and save a few of your favorite videos from their playlists and then send them to your best friends so they can try them, too. The next time you hang out, it may inspire you to do a workout all together. Wouldn't that be sweet?

Alo Moves Free Trial
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Are you looking to practice your yoga poses and also get some peace of mind? Download some of the best meditation apps on your phone, but also check out Alo Moves. It will help you create a zenful moment wherever you are. According to their website, right now they're offering a 14-day free trial for anyone who's looking to participate in their strength training, mindfulness, yoga, and skill-based classes.

OBÉ Fitness's Live Workouts

Last but not least, if you're looking for a free at-home workout, look no further than OBÉ Fitness's awesome selection of live classes. According to Good Housekeeping, you can use the code "SWEATSANDCITY" for a month of free at-home workouts. Do them after logging off of your Zoom meetings or first thing in the morning.

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