5 Fears You Should Never Have About Living Alone In Your 20s

by Kristin Corpuz

The first time you move into your own place in your 20s is an exciting one. You can completely customize a space to make it all your own, and settle into your life as a true adult. Nothing will be there to distract you from being your most productive self, and you'll have the time of your life creating your own little haven. And while going out and living by yourself for the first time can sometimes seem intimidating, there are definitely a few fears you should never have about living alone in your 20s.

Living alone for the first time can be quite the transition. You won't have a roomie or family there for constant company, and you won't have anyone by your side to make cleaning day much more fun. But until you live on your own, you can't appreciate the true beauty of it. It can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Your 20s is such a formative time in your life. You are becoming the person you're meant to be, and living alone allows you to express and explore your true self. You'll learn what you really love, what you really hate, and how the real you wants to set up a day-to-day routine. If you've considered taking the leap to move into your own place, there's no better time to do it than in your 20s.

You May Be Lonely
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A huge fear that you might have moving into your own place is that you'll feel lonely. The truth is, the beauty about living alone is that you can choose when and how you want to spend time with people. Sometimes you're able to get the best things done when you're alone.

Even though it can be nice to have a roommate, it means that you never have total privacy. When you're living alone, you can dictate who comes over and when. You have your alone time when you need it, and you have company when you want it. Being alone is nothing to be fearful of, and it also doesn't translate to being "lonely."

You'll Get Bored
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Living alone doesn't mean that you don't do anything when you're by yourself. Personally, I've found that the times that I lived alone, I was my most productive self. I always loved having roommates, but they did prove to be distracting sometimes.

Living alone means you can hustle when you want to get work done, or you can totally chill and catch up on your new favorite series, if you choose to do so. There are no limitations to what you can accomplish when you're living by yourself, so there's no need to be afraid of getting bored.

You'll Lose Touch With Your Friends
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You might think that, because you're living by yourself, your friends will lose touch with you. I've actually found that to be the opposite. When you live alone, everyone wants to crash at your pad because they know that they can have some individualized hangout time with no interruptions.

When you live alone, you can invite people over to your place as much as you want, so you'll never really lose touch. It's just an excuse to plan a ridiculous number of slumber parties and marathon movie nights.

Expenses Might Be Too Much
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You might think that living alone means that you'll be spending more money than when you did when you had roommates. But, remember that you thought this decision through. Budgets are very helpful, and you got this. There's no better expense in life than an amazing experience, am I right?

Even if paying rent is a little difficult to get used to at first, you'll pick up some hacks along the way so that you're not spending too much. And the experience will far outweigh any worries.

Living Alone Might Not Be For You

Some people find that living alone really isn't for them, and you might, too. That's totally OK. Most leases are only for a year, so you won't have to stick it out for too long if it's not your cup of tea.

Your 20s is about new learning experiences, and you just might learn that you'd rather have a full house. But hey, you'll never know unless you give living solo a try. Chalk it up to experience, and move forward living whatever ends up being your best life.