6 Things To Do When You Want To Live Alone But Not Feel Alone

by Kristin Corpuz

Growing up means moving into a place of your own. And when you take the leap to live without roomies, if can be a little intimidating at first. Adjusting to life on your own is a huge transition, even if you feel like you're crushing it in every other aspect of your life. If you're worried about getting homesick, I have a couple of tips on how to not feel alone when you're living alone.

Although having time to yourself is so important (and seriously necessary after a long work week), company is always welcome in your space. Whether that comes from your family, your BFFs, or even a new furry friend, you should have some support in this new chapter in your life.

Though feeling alone at times is inevitable, don't be scared of living on your own. You'll learn so much about yourself, and you'll finally have the opportunity to grow into your true self. (You'll also get some practice decorating your future home, and can test drive all of your ideas from Pinterest in this apartment.) Flying solo is an exciting, thrilling part of growing up, and you'll feel like you're really #adulting when you make the move.

Plan An ~Adult~ Sleepover With Your Girlfriends

Slumber parties are a girl's best friend. Even though you might fall asleep in an empty apartment most nights, it doesn't always have to be like that. Every once in a while, invite some of your best gal pals over for a night of wine, face masks, gossiping, and reruns of your favorite reality TV show.

Adopt A Pet

If you feel like your apartment is a little too big for just one, consider adopting a pet. Whether you welcome a cat or puppy into your space, they'll be keeping you company, and you'll be giving them so much love.

Customize Your Space And Make It Cozy

There's something to be said about having a space you feel super comfortable in. Buy lots of candles and trendy wall art, frame photos of you with your closest loved ones, and really customize your space with stuff that makes you feel at home.

You can also try to incorporate gifts from family and friends into your decor so you always feel like they're right there with you. If you don't have anything, invite your friends to a painting class, and at the end, exchange paintings so you can take a bit of each other home.

Try Getting An Apartment Near A Friend

An apartment by yourself won't feel so lonely if you have a friend nearby. Consider looking for an apartment in the same complex as a friend, or even close by. After I moved to LA, I ended up being just an eight-minute drive away from my best friend from college, and we couldn't be more excited about it. (It's only been a month, and we've already had more wine and face masks than we can count.)

Set Up Regular Hangs Or Calls With Your Family And Friends

I've found that the best way to cope with living on your own is to have something to look forward to. If you're feeling homesick, try setting up a weekly FaceTime call with your parents, or a regular coffee date with your BFF. A routine might help you feel a little less lonely.

Pick A Neighborhood That Has An Active Social Scene

Even if you don't live near anyone you've known since day one, it's always a ton of fun if your space is in a lively neighborhood. If you can find a place that's a short distance from a cool coffee shop, fun bar, and a restaurant or two, you're good to go. Trendy neighborhood spots are great places to make new friends you might not have otherwise met.