5 Exercise Gadgets For Your Desk, So You Can Work & Work Out

I’ll be real with you, I get major desk envy when I see a co-worker decking out their workspace with cool mugs or plants. And I know I’m not the only one. But so many desk ornaments that add visual appeal to your space don’t serve any real purpose beyond that. What if you could fill your desk at work with awesome gadgets that do more than just look pretty? What if there were exercise gadgets for your desk that could help you work out while working?

I'm personally done with desk envy; well, that's not exactly true. Instead of looking around the office to see what everyone else is doing, I want to have the desk everyone else envies. So I’ve rounded up a bunch of cool health and fitness gadgets that perform double duty. Not only do they make you look like the cool kid at work, but they also help you stay fit. What more could you possibly want?

Check out these five gadget that will take your work desk game to the next level. Because, if you can multitask exercise with work, how much extra time (and money) will you save while avoiding the gym? You're welcome.

Evodesk XE

Evodesk XE

Standing Desk, $379, Evodesk

A new study suggests that sitting too long can kill you, whether or not you supplement with exercise. So before you even think about starting your deskercise routine, make sure you are standing regularly at work. I guess you could make a trip to the water cooler every 30 minutes — or you could avoid looking like a slacker and instead use this nifty standing desk.

Installation is as simple as setting the unit on top of your normal desk and pressing a button to adjust it to any height up to around 18 inches. Plus you can choose from three different eco-friendly recycled wood or bamboo surface options. Lots of companies will cover the cost of standing desks for their employees, so it doesn’t hurt to ask your manager about reimbursement.

Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask (21 oz), $33, Amazon

Common wisdom advises us to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day, but it turns out that suggesting everyone needs the exact same amount of water is actually oversimplifying things. In fact, men need around 125 ounces of fluids per day while women need roughly 91 ounces — and those numbers include water, other beverages, and even fluid from food.

Whether you fill it with coffee, green smoothies, or actual water, you can keep those fluids handy at your desk with this 21-ounce bottle. The insulated Hydro Flask can keep liquids cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours. You can also bring it with you on outdoor adventures or anywhere else you decide to roam beyond the office. Finally, and maybe most importantly, it comes in 14 stylish colors.

Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR


Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist, $329, Amazon

Fitness trackers can’t magically make you reach your fitness goals. However, they do seem to help their wearers increase physical activity levels. If you need a reminder to squeeze in those extra steps each day or sneak in a subtle workout at your desk, a fitness tracker like the Suunto Spartan Trainer wrist watch can provide that little nudge.

I know what you’re thinking: a watch goes on your wrist, not on your desk. That’s true, but this particular watch pairs with the Suunto Movescount app to upload and schedule workouts. Not to mention, its sleek design sets it apart from most clunky fitness trackers on the market these days and makes it easier to pair with work-appropriate blazers or dresses. Although all the colors are great, I’m partial to the white and gold design.



FitKit, $40, FitKit

Two of the most common reasons people skip the gym are time constraints and the inconvenience of getting there. Especially as we transition into the darker, cooler months, leaving the comfort of your cozy warm house or office can be an unpleasant prospect. But if you carry your gym with you to work and anywhere else you go, both the time commitment and the commute are eliminated.

The FitKit comes in a sleek, portable case and includes all necessary components for a total body workout — wherever, whenever. It also contains exercise cards with suggestions for your workout routine. You can tuck it in your messenger bag and leave it on your desk in the office for quick access when you have a few spare moments.

DoubleFlex Portable Resistance Trainer

OYO Fitness

DoubleFlex Portable Trainer, $100, OYO Fitness

Have you ever wondered how astronauts work out? Turns out, the inventor of the Bowflex scaled down and lightened up his system for NASA astronauts to stay in shape while they’re on the space station. The result was so beneficial that he developed the DoubleFlex portable trainer for the rest of us here on Earth.

You might not be going into outer space for your daily work routine, but for those of you who want something effective yet lightweight — and something that looks cool enough for astronauts — this portable resistance trainer might be exactly what you need. It’s not too bulky to store on your desk, plus it offers a really effective workout for you to do between phone calls.

Now you have no excuse for slacking off on your fitness routine, even when you spend all day at work. In this day and age, we can find all kinds of amazing gadgets to keep us living healthy.

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