5 Dirty Texts To Send During The Super Bowl Because Go Sports!

Aside from work and when you're around children, there's pretty much never a bad time for you and your partner to get to sexting. Needless to say, the Super Bowl is no exception. If you and your bae — or even just a smoking hot fling — are going to be taking in the festivities apart, then you're definitely going to need to take advantage of these dirty texts to send during the Super Bowl.

While I'm sure you and bae have a pretty well-developed dirty talking repertoire of your own, sometimes a playful and slightly cheesy exchange is just the thing to deviate from your normal flirting routine. Plus, there really is something low-key arousing about watching athletes soaked in sweat running around in glorified tights. Not to mention the odds that the half-time show will probably involve fierce, scantily clad back-up dancers (if the past 51 years had been any indication) are pretty high.

And let's be honest, if there was ever a sport that made double entendres and innuendos easier that ever, football it totally one of them. All that talk of holes closing and penetration by the commentators could easily get one's mind on more... sensual things. Here are some one-liners to send during the game to steer the conversation in a more scandalous direction.

1. "Watching this game really makes me think we should meet up later for a quick score ;)."

Because why not? It's true — you deserve some last-minute lovin'. And thanks to emojis, pretty much any cheesy message can become cute when paired with a clever emoji cluster.

2. "Watching all of these guys roll around together is really turning me on, lmk if you want to come over later and do something about it."

Bold, but the truth of the matter is that you don't have any time to waste. More often than not, I am definitely a fan of being direct. The upside being that if you're single and hitting up a fling, then you'll know straight out of the gate if they're game and if not you've got plenty of time to message someone else.

3. "If you were here right now, I would definitely be down to get tackled."

If sending sexual innuendos via text makes you feel a little uncomfortable, no worries — "dirty texts" don't always have to be graphic. You definitely shouldn't feel like you have to send anything that makes you feel weird. Sexting can also be cute and mysterious. Just like sending sexy pics, sometimes going all the way leaves much less to the imagination — when being coy and withholding can actually let their mind do the heavy lifting for you.

4. "That play was on point! I can think of more than a few plays we could make later tonight."

Don't overthink it. Anyone who's into you already knows that they like your humor. So embrace the uniqueness of your dirty mind because no one's judging. (And if they are, well, bye!)

5. "It's too bad yoga and football have no relation. How will I ever be able to put my award-winning downward-facing dog to good use?"

Sometimes, asking leading questions is a fun way of seeing where their head is at. If they come back at you with a flirty line then definitely take that as a green-light and suggest grabbing a post-game drink.

Sending sexually charges messages is one of the most enjoyable things ever — not to mention it's a great way to build tension so that the next time you see each other, you'll be struggling to keep your hands to yourself. And that's a really great problem to have.

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