The 'Dead to Me' Season 2 finale spurred a number of fan theories about Season 3.

5 'Dead To Me' Season 3 Theories That'll Keep You Thinking For Hours


The first season of Dead to Me may have been a wild ride, but Season 2 turned the unexpected twists up to a whole new level. From secret twins to steamy new hookups, Jen and Judy's murder cover-up had viewers of the edge of their seats, and on a show where not everything is at it seems, of course there are already some theories about future revelations. These Dead to Me Season 3 theories will have your mind racing about what could be coming next.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from throughout Dead to Me Season 2. Toward the end of the new season, it actually seemed like Jen and Judy were going to be able to relax for once. With a crooked police chief going down for Steve's disappearance and Judy recovering all of her hidden money, things were finally looking up for the besties — until Ben came crashing in, that is. In the final moments of Season 2, Steve's "semi-identical" twin brother rammed his car into the new vehicle Jen and Judy had just bought as a gift for Jen's son Charlie. It was a darkly ironic ending, since the series began with a hit and run, and Jen's attempts to prevent any more car accidents by installing a stop sign led to the Season 2 finale crash.

Fans got to breathe a sigh of relief at the very end, when it was revealed Jen had survived the crash, but that moment, as well as several other throughout Season 2, sparked a lot of theories about what could go down if Netflix renews Dead to Me for Season 3.

1. Ben will try to kill Jen.


Although the final moment was implied to be a drunken mistake, there is always the chance Dead to Me is faking fans out so they don't see Ben's hidden dark side. After all, Ben had just found out about his brother's death right before the car crash, and it was never made clear exactly where he was driving. If Ben put the pieces together and figured out Jen killed his brother, there's a chance he was on his way to confront her... and downed some liquid courage to help him out.

Ben may have come off as a sweet and harmless guy in Season 2, but he could be out for vengeance next season after learning Jen survived the car crash he caused.

2. Jen will get amnesia.

Pretty much every Dead to Me fan is assuming that car crash will have some major repercussions, and one of the most popular theories is that Jen will get amnesia from the trauma. It's clear Jen survived the crash, but the season ended before fans could get an idea of her physical and mental state. If Jen forgot all about killing Steve, meeting Judy, or getting to know Ben, it would make for a complex third season, and it totally falls in line with the show's penchant for soapy twists.

3. Michelle has been an undercover cop this whole time.

Michelle disappeared at the end of Season 2 after breaking up with Judy and moving out of Ana Perez's house, but there's a chance she may come back in Season 3 with a shocking revelation. It's no secret Ana has been suspicious of Judy from the start, and fans also know she has a very close bond with Michelle, so what if Michelle was really only getting close to Judy to try to get information out of her for Ana? It would certainly be an unexpected twist, but hopefully it doesn't happen because, I mean, Judy's already been through enough.

4. Judy's mom and Chief Hastings will team up in jail.


One new character viewers did not get to see a lot of in Season 2 was Judy's mother, Eleanor Hale. The fraught relationship between Judy and her mom became even rockier when Judy refused to help her mother get out of jail by hiring a lawyer or writing a letter for her parole hearing. Eleanor mentioned she's been in and out of jail a lot over the years, so she might be out for revenge on her daughter the next time she's released.

And someone who might help her with her revenge plan is Chief Hastings, the crooked cop who was working with Steve on his deals with the Greek mafia. Judy got Hastings thrown in jail at the end of Season 2, so he also has reason to want to go after Judy. If Eleanor and Hastings cross paths behind bars, you can bet they will be plotting against their common enemy.

5. Charlie will turn on Judy.

In the final moments of the season, Charlie discovered the letter Jen had written to Judy when she went to turn herself in for Steve's murder. The letter revealed Judy was responsible for Ted's death, and it will also likely lead Charlie to realize that his mom killed Steve. Since Charlie was so deeply affected by his father's death, he will probably lash out against Judy, and probably his mom as well, after learning the truth.

Netflix has not yet picked up a third season of Dead to Me, but with all these questions and theories, hopefully the network will make an announcement soon.