5 Things To Do On Spring Break With Bae If You're Too Broke To Hit The Tropics

by Sydnee Lyons

I remember the best spring break I've ever had. I couldn't afford to travel across the state, much less go on the all-inclusive spring break cruise most of friends had signed up for. Instead, I planned out an entire week of free and low-cost things to do to keep myself busy. Although I was single at the time, you and your partner could totally recreate my cheap spring break ideas for couples and I highly recommend it.

I visited museums for free and got major discounts at the spring fair just by using my college I.D. I planned elaborate pool days at my apartment complex with heaps of cheap candy I'd purchased from the gas station down the street. I even ventured back to campus with a beach towel and a book to lay out on the edge of one of the many lakes at my college. I felt like I was on vacation all week long when really, I'd just managed to make the most of my spring break staycation.

Best of all, I wasn't going back to school freaking out about my expenses for the rest of that semester because everything I did was well within my budget. I didn't go on any drunken shopping sprees or trade in my hard-earned tutoring money for bottle service I know I couldn't afford. It was hard knowing my friends were off on some crazy adventure (I'm assuming based on the Instagram posts). But once I got over my FOMO, I realized it was more responsible to find cheap alternatives and a lot of fun, too.

Just because you and your partner aren't jetting off to a fancy resort in the Caribbean for spring break doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. Here are five things you can do instead that won't cost you all of next semester's tuition.

Rent Bicycles And Ride Around Your City

Most major cities have bike-sharing hubs now that allow you to rent bikes from one location using a pay machine or an app and return them at another location. In South Florida where I live, I've used Citi Bike at the beach for a fun and active day out. The service costs just $6.50 for an hour or $15 for a monthly subscription. If your city doesn't offer a similar service, consult a local bike shop for their rental options. Chances are it won't cost you very much to go on a bike-riding adventure through your neighborhood, at nearby parks, or even at the beach if you live close enough.

Set Up An Inflatable Kiddie Pool In Your Backyard Or On Your Balcony

Honestly, I would take this over a crowded beach any day. Since it's just you and your partner, space won't be an issue and you don't have to wonder if any actual kids peed in it. You can pick one of these up at Target for less than $15 so like, why are you still here? Every time I've done this, I've always had way more fun than I would have if I had gone to the beach or a public pool because there's just something so enjoyable about how homemade this experience is.

Make Alcohol-Infused Popsicles And Enjoy Them Outside

Now we're getting to the good stuff. Did you know you can literally put anything you want into your popsicles if you make them yourself? This seems like a good enough reason for you and your partner to make popsicles out of your favorite wine and enjoy them while binge-watching your new favorite show on Netflix.

Have A Water Balloon Fight

At what age is this no longer an appropriate use of your time? I'm hoping never. Until then, I'm happy picking up a pack of water balloons at the dollar store and waging war on the people I love most. You should try it.

Attend An Outdoor Concert In Your Area

This is one of my favorite things to do, especially if the concert is free. Look out for community performances or local events like the spring fair that might have a live band. You and your partner can plan a date night around the event and still feel like you participated in spring break's most basic activities — being outdoors and dancing in public. Mission accomplished.

Spring break is only what you make it. You can stay at home and sulk about missing out on that group trip to Punta Cana or you can make the most of your time off from school wherever you are.

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