Cheap Fall Road Trip Ideas For Broke Besties Who Are Down For The Adventure

by Ciara Johnson

If you ask me, fall is the best time of year and inevitably the best time for a road trip. The weather has cooled down, and so have the bustling crowds. There's no better time to hit the road and indulge in some spontaneity. You can roll the windows all the way down, turn the music up, and get your favorite girls together for a fall road trip. As the leaves begin to change colors, you'll be able to witness some incredible scenery that will take your breath away. Here are some cheap fall road trip ideas for the girls who love the great outdoors.

You're always down for the adventure, but sometimes the price is way too high. Road trips are an affordable way to explore more without breaking the bank. You get to avoid the hassles and high costs that come with flying, without skimping on the true beauty of travel. You can split gas costs to avoid paying airfare, and pack your favorite snacks to avoid high restaurant prices. You have the chance to get away from it all, even if only for a day. There's no better way to bond with your people while seeing more of this wide world. So, hit up your day ones and plan a fall road trip in these destinations on a budget.

From New York To Newport
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If you need a get away from the hectic city life in The Big Apple, then you should consider taking a quick road trip to Newport, Rhode Island. Autumn is the perfect time to discover everything Newport has to offer. Stop by some pumpkin patches, attend a fall-themed festival, and hit up the chic boutiques in town. Stay the night in this New England-style Airbnb for less than $100 for a fun fall weekender.

The San Juan Skyway
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The San Juan Skyway is a six-day road trip that will take you on a wild ride through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. You'll check places like Cortez, Mesa Verde, Ridgway, and Durango off of your bucket list during this adventure. The vibrant colors during fall will take your breath away as you pass through national parks, scenic byways, and hiking trails. This sounds like the ultimate fall road trip!

Tail Of The Dragon Road Trip
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There's an 11-mile road trip filled with 318 curves, that stretches between North Carolina and Tennessee. It's known as the "Tail of the Dragon," and it's perfect to embark on in the fall. This well-known route draws in plenty of cyclists and cars. You'll pass by the Smoky Mountains during your drive, so you'll be surrounded by some incredible fall foliage. Fill up your tank and hit the road!

Yellowstone National Park
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If you want to see some epic wildlife and fall foliage, then you should consider road-tripping through Yellowstone National Park. With summer crowds dying down, you won't have to bump any shoulders to snap the best pics. In order to stick to your budget, you should consider setting up a campsite on park grounds. You'll be able to make the most of the scenery while saving a lot of money.

Fall Creek Falls State Park, Tennessee
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This Tennessee state park is perfect for lovers of the great outdoors. You'll be able to explore waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and streams on over 26,000 acres of land, so be sure to bring your camera along for the adventure. Keep it simple and set up a campsite for less than $35. You'll be able to grill your own food and enjoy the landscapes in the most natural way.