5 'Bird Box' Theories That Every Fan Needs To Read


You have probably seen Bird Box by now, right? The Netflix horror movie has become the talk of the internet after it premiered at the end of 2018, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Fans are still picking apart all the strangest details from the movie and putting together some pretty mind-blowing fan theories. These are the Bird Box theories that everyone who has seen the movie needs to hear about.

1. The creatures are actually straight from the Bible.

Definitely the biggest mystery in Bird Box is the identity of the invisible monsters that cause people to kill themselves. The movie never shows us what these creatures look like, nor does it give us a clear explanation of where they came from or why they are here, but one fan may have picked up on an important clue.

One Reddit theorist noted how Charlie (Lil Rel Howery) immediately connected the monsters to religion at the beginning of the movie and ran with the comparison. The theory points to how the Bible describes demons, saying that they are so foul that humans would go mad if they ever looked at one. The Bible also notes that demons will use trickery to further torture humans that they cannot reach, which seems to explain the people who wound up enslaved by the monsters rather than killed by them.

2. The monsters are really angels.

While that theory about the monsters being biblical demons seems to add up, there are other viewers who actually saw them as the complete opposite. One fan made a pretty convincing case for the monsters actually being angels, trying to to bring souls up to heaven during the rapture. Basically, the theory argues that these angels are helping humanity die as quickly as possible so that they can ascend to heaven. This could also help explain why so many of the people claimed they saw a deceased loved one or simply something beautiful before their deaths.

3. Tom's suicide was actually his decision.

Another somewhat confusing element of the movie revolves around the "rules" of which people are driving to kill themselves by the monsters and which people become obsessed fanatics when they see the monsters. It seems clear that people with any form of mental illness become fanatics upon seeing the monsters, and this led one fan to an interesting theory about Tom's death.

As one Redditor pointed out, Tom's death seemed a bit different from the other suicides that we saw earlier in the movie. Rather than completely losing control of his body like other people who saw the monsters, Tom was able to continue fighting off the fanatics for a while, and then appeared to shoot himself without the typical expression of fear. Could it be that Tom was actually becoming a fanatic himself, possibly resulting from a form of PTSD from his military days, and made the decision to kill himself before becoming like the others? It certainly puts his death in a whole new light.

4. Gary may not have been afflicted until after he entered the house.

Another perplexing character is Gary, the man who brings about most of the major deaths in the movie. Gary is revealed to be one of the fanatical monster worshippers after staying a couple of days in the house, but just how long was Gary a fanatic before he revealed himself to everyone else?

Although there is a case to be made for Gary having always been monster-crazy and simply hiding his fanaticism when he first entered the house, another plausible theory is that Gary actually chose to devote himself to the monsters after having entered the house. One Reddit theory guessed that Gary may have just caught a quick glimpse of the monsters before getting to the house, and he became so obsessed with the sliver that he saw that he began obsessively drawing pictures of the monsters until he finally had to open the window and see them for himself.

5. Felix and Lucy are still alive in the grocery store.

We see the fates of pretty much every character that takes shelter in Douglas' house, except for Felix and Lucy. The drug dealer and the cop hook up in the laundry room, and then promptly run off together afterwards, taking the group's blacked-out car. Their fate is left unknown, but it seems most likely that the lovebirds are headed to the grocery store, since Lucy now knows the way there.

Director Susanne Bier even admitted to People that the grocery store was probably their destination, but also added that she liked that their story was left open-ended. It seems likely that the couple made it to the grocery store and are surviving with years worth of food... but let's not forget that there is still a fanatic living in the back room. Hmm, maybe we will see Felix and Lucy again in a potential Bird Box sequel?