5 Workouts For Type A Personalities Who Can't Help Their Competitive Nature

by Georgina Berbari

If your friends have ever joked that you literally never skip a workout — even when you have a 5 a.m. flight the next morning, or right after you just injured your wrist from working out too hard — you're probably Type A as hell. TBH, there's nothing wrong with the "go hard or go home" mentality, but with your characteristics, you tend to slightly overdo it at times. That's why knowing the best workouts for your personality will keep you from inevitable burnout and help you find a healthy, rewarding balance in your fitness routine.

Huffington Post reports that research has shown your personality type can be strongly correlated with the way you work out and how dedicated you are to the #gains. And if you're Type A, that means you basically live by the "all or nothing" mindset, and you kind of can't help the fact that you're competitive AF. Like, you were that person in your high school gym class who got way, way too hyped over volleyball and dodgeball games.

Of course, listening to your body is super important in general when it comes to working out, but it's especially key if you have a Type A personality, since you probably have a tendency to push your limits a bit too far, even when your muscles are begging for a rest day. Remember, less is often more when it comes to your workouts, so don't feel like you have to give 110 percent all day, every day.

Here are five workouts for Type A personalities who just can't help their competitive, go-getter nature.

A Brisk Walk Around The Block

A leisurely walk with friends is where it's at for my Type A peeps out there, who probably have a habit of going way too hard at the gym.

Remember that pushing yourself past your limits can result in an excess production of cortisol, which is the hormone that's linked with high levels of stress. So, instead of inviting more stress into your life, replace your high-intensity workout with something more relaxing, like a nice walk around the block, or a local, lovely park.

Going for a nice stroll outside has actually been shown to reduce those heightened cortisol levels, so lace up your sneakers and get to it!

A Scenic Hike

Hiking is another super chill activity that Type A personalities might want to take up. According to Harvard Health, getting outdoors and taking a hike (literally) is incredibly stress-relieving and rejuvenating.

Remember, it isn't a race to get to the top of the mountain. Be cool, girl.

A Relaxing Bike Ride

Riding your bike is a fun, casual way to get in your exercise for the day without going totally overboard.

Oh, and side note: When I say cycling, I'm definitely not saying you should hit up an intense, three-hour class and pretend you're racing the other people riding alongside you. Seriously, do you know how to relax?

A Restorative Yoga Flow

Yoga can provide a relaxing, dreamy escape for a high-strung Type A personality, as the practice calms the chatter of the mind while providing you with an amazing, total-body workout at the same time. A quality vinyasa class can actually alter the chemical balance of your brain, which subsequently de-stresses your overall state of mind.

Just make sure not to get too competitive with the tricky inversion poses. Stop comparing yourself with the super flexible dude next to you in class, or the bendy chick in the tutorial you're watching. Just breathe, and enjoy.

Strength Training

Lifting weights is a great way to release pent-up energy for Type A personalities, as long as you keep it to two to three times a week to avoid overdoing it.

Strength training is said to improve confidence and overall quality of life, so don't be shy when it comes to picking things up and putting them down. It's probably in your best interest to stay away from the progress pics, though. Type As are even known to get competitive AF with themselves.

Simply enjoy the process of helping your body feel its best, and throw all of those sneaky thoughts of rivalry and competition out the window.