5 Best Workouts For Scorpios Who Want To Harness Their Control & Release Negative Energy

by Georgina Berbari

'Tis the season of seductiveness, secrecy, passion, manipulation, and much more. Starting today, Oct. 23, it is officially Scorpio season, which means you can expect the energy for this next month (or at least until Nov. 21) to be intense AF. And from a fitness perspective, if you're wondering what the best workouts for Scorpios are, we've got you covered. It's time to sweat like a Scorpio all autumn long, people.

Even if you're not a Scorpio yourself, trust me, everyone can learn a thing or two from the unique energy of this sign, especially when it comes to working out. According to AstroStyle, regardless of where you fall on the zodiac spectrum, several planets travel through Scorpio throughout the year, which means this sign's intense energy will, in one form or another, have an effect on us all.

As for actual Scorpio peeps, they are strong as hell, especially because they're ruled by Pluto, a planet that represents both power and transformation. But when you get right down to it, Scorpio's number one goal is to have total control — a characteristic that tends to burn especially bright when it comes to all things fitness and exercise.

So, if you're looking to harness that sense of control for yourself as Scorpio season settles upon us, knowing which workouts will complement this sign's focused nature is key. Here are five of the best workouts you're going to want to squeeze in this Scorpio season. Happy sweating!


Scorpio gals absolutely thrive when they're in control — especially of their own bodies.

The challenge of a sweaty pilates class will leave you satisfied AF, as the minuscule, difficult movements are sure to build the most strength inside and out. Plus, pushing yourself past your usual limits — a given in most pilates workouts — will help you feel empowered as hell.

Perfecting the poses will become your ultimate goal, but remember to enjoy the movements for exactly what they are as you go, and notice the strength you're building after each and every workout.

Power Yoga

Scorpio, in addition to your desire for control, you also have a tendency to become a bit obsessive and fall into the "all or nothing" mindset when it comes to exercising. That's why mind-body activities, such as yoga, are the perfect way to keep you balanced, while still providing you with a killer workout.

Scorpios love to keep it nice and sweaty, though, so your best bet is to go for a power yoga flow followed by a sweet savasana to leave you out of breath and feeling the burn.

Side note: You'd low-key prefer sex as your go-to form of exercise any day of the week. That counts as a workout too, right?


HIIT workouts can be a Scorpio's savior in times of stress and pent-up aggression.

The good news is that HIIT workouts aren't usually that long or complicated, so your obsessive fitness tendencies won't come out to play. But at the same time, these movements are still intense and challenging AF, providing a healthy way for you to challenge and release any negative energy you're holding inside.

Don't forget to stretch before you sweat! Hip-openers are your sign's best friend.


Another way to work out all the pent-up passion, anger, and jealousy is through a killer boxing sesh.

When Scorpios are stressed or under pressure, their natural response tends to involve getting revenge in one way or another. Instead of giving into that negative energy, try to harness it for something more positive, and take it all out on the punching bag in front of you.

Rock Climbing

According to Sun Signs, Scorpios thrive best when they can engage in a workout that challenges every part of the body from head to toe, and helps clear the mind of any stress or negative vibes.

Enter rock climbing: You honestly won't be able to get enough of this mind-body challenge, and as difficult as it'll be the first few times, you'll fall in love most with how it makes you feel after the fact.