5 Best Christmas Candles That'll Have Your Apartment Smelling Like The Holidays

'Tis the season for store windows to be filled with festive attire, and almost every other commercial is showing a holiday sale of some sort. We also can't escape the hums or clips of Christmas songs in the air. (After working in a bakery for two holiday seasons, I am all "Jingle-Bell"-ed out.) All in all, there are some great things to look forward to throughout the merriest season — for example, getting your place all decked out. And what better way to do that than picking out some of the best Christmas candles that'll make your apartment smell like the holidays?

Candles are the ultimate Christmas decor due to the fact that they not only look nice as hell, but they can also really get you into the festive spirit (even if you're like me and it takes a little more nudging to do so). A candle is the perfect holiday present to yourself because it will naturally relax you, which is necessary when holiday stress is too much to handle.

Candle companies also go hard for their holiday collections, so no matter where you get your wick-fix, it's going to be a great buy. Whether you're hosting a party or just lounging before family comes to visit, these candles will surely spruce up your living space. They all come in various sizes as well so that you can buy whichever option your wallet pleases.

Here are five Christmas candles that will have your home sweet home smelling like the holidays in no time.

For A Fancy Holiday Mood
NEST Fragrances

Holiday 3-Wick Candle, $64, NEST Fragrances

NEST Fragrances features a scent called "Holiday," which promises a citrusy, spice-filled atmosphere. This is sure to fill your apartment with some good vibes in addition to offering great presentation and impressing all of your friends.

If you love the scent but would rather opt for the Holiday classic diffuser, you can go that route as well with the set, and gift the candle to someone on your Christmas list. It's a win-win.

For A Soft And Extremely Cozy Holiday Mood
Henri Bendel

Cashmere Candle, $25, Henri Bendel

This candle isn't exactly in a specified "holiday" collection, but the Henri Bendel line features a ton of winter-themed candles you'll love. "Cashmere" is a fusion of violet and ginger, which is great for those who want a super calming aroma throughout the home. It's the perfect pick to bring on the seasonal vibes while you're cuddling on the couch with your SO.

For A Toasty Holiday Mood
Bath & Body Works

Campfire Donut 3-Wick Candle, $25, Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works always brings its A-game, and its new "Camp Winter" collection is no exception. In a cute holder that features even cuter artwork, this candle will give you holiday feels for days on end. It's also such a unique scent! Who doesn't want their apartment to be filled with the aroma of sweet doughnuts and cedarwood? Yum.

For A Sweet Holiday Mood
Yankee Candle

Cascading Snowberry™, $28, Yankee Candle

Yankee Candles are classics, and you'd be silly not to have at least one for the holidays. The beautiful scent of "Cascading Snowberry" is described as a combo of evergreens and snowberries, which will make your apartment fresh and festive. Christmas scents don't always have to be gingerbread and sugar cookies, so this is great.

For An Aesthetically Appealing Holiday Mood

Holiday Good Natured Soy Candle, $18, Anthropologie

In three great scents, this holiday collection at Anthropologie comes in the cutest, chicest tins for aesthetic's sake. Between these three scents — Winter White, Balsam & Cedar, and Fireside — there is a candle for any apartment and any mood.

May your days be extremely "merry and bright" this holiday season by lighting these festive candles to celebrate.