The Best Amalfi Coast Hostels That Are Perfect For Broke Study Abroad Students

by Ciara Johnson

Let's be honest, Italy is the study abroad destination of most of our dreams. Rome is full of ancient history, Florence is an art lover's paradise, Venice makes us want to fall in love, the rolling hills of Tuscany were made for wine lovers, Cinque Terre seems unreal, and Burano is a perfectly Instagrammable backdrop. Don't even get me started on the Amalfi Coast! This Mediterranean gem is a must-visit spot if you're studying abroad in Italy. I know the broke college student struggle, so these Amalfi Coast hostels will help you visit so many places on a budget.

You've probably seen your favorite travel blogger posted in the pastel-colored cliffside town of Positano, but this only scratches the surface of what the region has to offer. If you're wondering how to travel through Amalfi Coast on a study abroad student's budget, then you may want to consider checking into a hostel. Hostels are shared accommodations that help you to stretch your dollar as far as possible. Basically, you'll sacrifice a bit of luxury to see the country of your dreams. So, don't doubt your ability to visit Positano as a study abroad student. If you stay in one of these hostels, then your travel dreams might just become a reality.

A'Scalinatella In Atrani
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A'Scalinatella is a hostel located in the small town of Atrani. Only 10 minutes away from Amalfi, the hostel is super close to the area's best attractions. This hostel provides helpful tour information to help you maximize your stay. There is also a free complimentary breakfast included every morning. You'll discover the best of the Amalfi Coast by using this hostel as your landing point.

Hostel Brikette In Positano
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Reserve your spot in Hostel Brikette ASAP. You'll have breathtaking views of the Mediterranean sea without spending your semester's savings. You can chill on their terrace while enjoying breakfast, or hit up the onsite bar for happy hour. They'll even arrange a cooking class for you to learn more about local cuisine. You'll have to walk down to reach the beach, but this just means you'll have plenty of opportunity to scope out even more scenic sites. This Positano hostel will give you the best bang for your buck.

Seven Hostel In Sorrento
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Seven Hostel offers luxury accommodation on a budget, so it's perfect for study abroad students visiting Sorrento. According to Hostel World, this hostel is set in a restored 18th century building, yet boasts a modern design fit for young travelers. Enjoy a delicious breakfast before venturing out to the coast. You can go for a hike in the nearby hills or relax on a number of nearby beaches. You'll be exploring Sorrento with friends in no time.

Hostel Le Sirene In Sorrento
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Hostel Le Sirene is located in the heart of Sorrento, Italy. It's great for a group of friends or solo travelers who want to check out the Amalfi Coast. You can choose from a shared dorm room or enjoy solitude in a private room. Grab a cup of coffee to fuel up before you set off to explore the region. This hostel offers transportation services to help you make the most of your experience while visiting the Amalfi Coast.

Hotel Florida In Sorrento
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Don't be fooled by the name! Florida Hotel offers a selection of different rooms for travelers to enjoy their stay in Sorrento, Italy. If the onsite pool isn't enough to convince you, then you'll love the social environment. You are bound to meet some fellow study abroad students at the weekly pizza parties and BBQ nights in their garden. Let's just say, you'll never want to leave this place.

As a study abroad student, you can't leave Italy without hitting up the Amalfi Coast. Stay in one of these hostels for good vibes and great prices.