This Adult Summer Camp Has An Open Bar, Silent Disco, & Zip Lining, So Sign Up ASAP

by Ciara Johnson

Let's be honest, being an adult can be the ultimate struggle at times. Once you enter the real world, your planner is jam-packed and it becomes difficult to fit some fun into your daily routine. We get so caught up in work demands and societal expectations, so it can be tempting to want to get away from it all. It's important to find time for relaxation and fun, especially this time of year. If you feel like you need an escape and you want to relive the days of your childhood, then check out these adult summer camps.

Remember those glorious summer days of your childhood? You'd spend time outside with all of your friends. You'd go swimming, bike riding, or camping. Having fun was effortless, but once you enter the adult world, things aren't so easy. Life is busier and you've got so many things cluttering your mind. If you need a reset, then you should consider attending an adult summer camp with your friends. basically, you'll get to enjoy your favorite aspects of being a grown-up while embracing the small pleasures of being a kid again. These weekend getaways will take you back to the basics to help you disconnect from the distractions and reconnect with the things that matter most.

Camp No Counselors
Camp No Counselors on YouTube

With a variety of locations throughout the U.S., Camp No Counselors offers plenty of opportunities for you to live your best life this summer. Their goal is to combine your favorite parts of both adulthood and childhood, so that means you'll be able to end the night with drinks from their open bar after playing kickball and kayaking all day long. You can finally make time for your old pastimes while making new friends from around the world.

Club Getaway
clubgetaway on YouTube

Club Getaway will allow you to escape the real world for a weekend of fun in the sun. Their all-inclusive camp is located in Kent, Connecticut. They'll set you up in rustic cabins, and you'll enjoy full buffets at mealtime. Oh, and I can't forget to mention the endless amount of wine and beer at sunset.

You'll be able to participate in unique activities like cardio kickboxing, mountain biking, rock rappelling, Zumba dancing, and so much more. The camp also offers wine tasting, in addition to cooking and mixology classes. This sounds like the perfect getaway for anyone who needs to switch things up in their life.

Camp Fire

Camp Fire is where it's at. Round up your girl crew and sign up for the women's only summer camp retreat, which takes places the weekend after Labor Day. It's perfect for women who needs some relaxation in their lives. Camp Fire will host you in beautiful cabins and feed you with homemade meals. You can release some stress as you go swimming, kayaking, yoga, or get a massage. You'll leave Camp Fire feeling rejuvenated to take on the world.

Camp Kid Again
Info info on YouTube

Camp Kid Again will take you all the way back to those childhood summers spent by the lake. This adult-only summer camp offers everything and more for anyone who's a kid at heart. Camp Kid Again was started by three women who wanted to help others relive the best years of their lives. A typical day at Camp Kid Again includes scheduled activities, all-inclusive meals, nightly events, and an open bar. This is the kind of camp you'll return to, no matter how old you get.

Camp Rahh
Camp Rahh on YouTube

Camp Rahh is the very first adult summer camp in Seattle, Washington. You'll spend all weekend horseback riding, rock climbing, dancing, and paint-balling with your new friends. Their goal is to foster a setting where you can connect with those around you and disconnect from the distractions we face on a daily basis. This particular camping experience is alcohol-free.

Music lovers, rejoice! You'll get to attend several live music performances and dance all night long to a silent disco. An on-site chef will prepare your meals and you'll sleep in cozy log cabins, so you don't have to worry about roughing it. They even provide a photographer to capture your best memories all weekend long.

These adult summer camps will remind you what life is all about, so start planning your next getaway with the squad ASAP.